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AC & DC Maintenance Benefits

AC & DC Maintenance Benefits


UPS testing and refurbishment


Maintenance is a necessary aspect of maintaining your critical backup power system and essential to ensure optimal performance when needed.

What's the difference between an AC a DC UPS?

An AC UPS transports electricity current over long distances, whereas a DC UPS is an uninterruptible power system that takes in primary power (usually utility AC) and outputs DC voltage, while providing backup power from the integrated batteries in the event the incoming (utility AC) power is lost. Playing such an integral part of your power generation infrastructure, both AC maintenance and DC maintenance are required to ensure optimum power efficiency and availability, reducing the likelihood of power outages, blackouts and other power failures.

Benefits of AC and DC Maintenance

A specialised AC and DC maintenance programme could be the difference between business productivity and disappointed customers, so it’s always best to be prepared. It is especially important for sectors such as healthcare, data centres, telecommunication businesses and utility services.

Continuous Uptime: Regular maintenance can keep your AC UPS and DC UPS running at peak performance, and minimises downtime. Scheduling regular check-ups for your UPS power supply systems helps mitigate the possibility of part and component failures too. With a skilled Dale Power technician examining your AC and DC systems – including everything from your batteries, semiconductors, wiring and resistors through to your breakers, capacitors and fans – any damage or potential failure will be identified and resolved before a problem occurs.

Preventive Maintenance Saves Money: Unexpected breakdowns and power outages can be extremely costly, especially when you’ve got more important business functions to prioritise first. By having a preventive maintenance program in place, you can avert unanticipated failures and better prepare for the future. In fact, a well-maintained AC UPS system and DC UPS system will require fewer to no costly emergency service calls, in some cases reducing the overall service expense by 50% or more.

Improves Budgeting Processes: The last thing you want unexpectedly hurting your budget is the need to replace your AC UPS or DC UPS. By instigating a preventative maintenance approach, you can avoid unanticipated failures and better plan for the future. Part and component replacements and overhauls can be predicted, which allows you to forecast costs and build them into budgets. However, if you forgo a preventive maintenance plan, don’t be surprised when a part breaks down unexpectedly, leading to unplanned and expensive costs.

Less Energy Is Wasted: When power supply equipment is not maintained correctly, it will drain more energy, driving up utility bills. Regular AC maintenance and DC maintenance will keep your AC UPS and DC UPS operating at peak performance, reducing energy wastage and costs.


AC maintenance and DC maintenance is the best protection against power issues, such as power surges, power spikes and power sags; it will improve you both your finances and productivity. Dale maintains OEM systems as well as Dale systems. For information on how we can help service and maintain your AC and DC UPS systems.

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