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Generator Servicing

Get the most out of your diesel generator and make sure it’s ready to do its job by carrying out regular servicing and maintenance.

Planned, preventative maintenance

With our nationwide team of engineers, we use planned preventative (PPM) and predictive maintenance to ensure repairs are carried out at the right time so that your generator is always ready to go and in prime operating condition. We're also available 24/7, all year round should the unexpected happen and you need to call us out to repair your generator.

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Generator maintenance plans

Generators are critical to the resilience of your business operations and to make sure that they are ready to do their job and run for a significant period of time when required, it's essential you get them professionally maintained at the correct service intervals. We can tailor our maintenance plans to suit your needs, this can include:

  • Multiple maintenance visits

  • Working hours to suit

  • Dedicated 24-hour telephone support

  • On Call Engineers 24/7/365 - response in as little as 2 hours

  • Service consumables

  • On-load testing

  • Condition-based monitoring

  • Electronic service visit reports and supportive documentation

  • Recommendations for remedial works and upgraded as required

  • Customer/site specific needs

Multi vendor generator support

With our years of experience and vast supply chain with access to a wide range of parts and consumables, it means our engineers can carry out servicing on all engine manufacturers such as Volvo, Perkins, Cummins, Caterpillar, Iveco, Doosan, Kholer to name but a few.

Generator service and maintenance

Our team of engineers are experienced across a large range of generator manufacturers. Maintenance services can involve:

  • Checking the condition of the generator unit  including the engine, alternator, control panel and radiator: done through visual inspections, mechanical testing of operational parts and electrical testing of connectors and control panels

  • Fuel condition management including fuel polishing and OFTEC certified fuel tank inspections: checking the pipe flow and structural integrity and legal compliance of the fuel tank along side specification testing and removing any impurities within the fuel 

  • Coolant inspection and sampling: checks the coolant is at the right level and has no impurities in it so that the engine's temperature and performance is maintained

  • Oil inspection and sampling: checks the oil levels are correct and that no impurities exist so that the mechanical components of the engine stay lubricated

  • Fuel management: via a fuel monitoring system we help ensure that your fuel levels stay topped up and your assets operational   

We can replace any fluids and provide you with a service report detailing any repairs that need making.

Fuel Management

Not only do we supply fuel but we also offer generator fuel management to monitor and prevent your diesel from becoming contaminated and causing your generator to fail.

Sampling and testing: Regular testing of samples of your fuel is key to monitoring how clean your diesel generator's fuel is. 

Fuel polishing: Should your fuel be contaminated we can polish the fuel to remove any particulates and return your fuel to refinery grade levels.

Fuel storage and handling: We can advise on how to minimise contamination risk through the use of good fuel storage and handling practices including the entire fuel management system, from testing to cleaning, repair and replacement.

Fuel maintenance: For ongoing fuel maintenance we provide fuel polishing systems which can provide cycled polishing and easy statistics on your fuel. 

Fuel system upgrades: We can provide advice on whether your system is suitable to change fuel types. Our team can also help with replacing tanks, changing pumps, new gauges, drop weight fire valves and bespoke fire extinguishing systems.

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