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We have supported transport infrastructure with secure power UPS, battery and generator solutions for many years. We are a RISQS approved supplier and therefore meet the high standards for safety, quality and environmental performance and provide specialist secure backup power solutions supporting road, rail, air and sea transportation networks throughout the UK and overseas.


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Keeping the Rail Industry on Track

As a leading UK designer and manufacturer of battery based AC and DC power systems we manufacture a range of industrial power chargers, alarm and control units designed for railway electrification projects and applications with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability serving the most demanding markers, including power generation and distribution, petrochemicals, process control and telecommunications.

As a result of the investment in the UK rail infrastructure we have been able to support the installation and refurbishment programme by supplying secure power solutions. The charger systems supplied provide secure power for the tripping and closing operation of track power circuit breakers and associated loads and redirection of track power.

Several hundred systems have been supplied in the UK over a period of six years and have been utilised on the West Coast Mainline, the Wessex Power upgrade and Southern region amongst others.The RCV range of constant voltage battery charger systems is approved to Network Rail specification NR/SP/ELP/21041 for use in substations and trackside power huts. The range covers 50V to 100V dc systems with output current ratings from 2A to 400A and incorporates a microprocessor based alarm module.

As well as offering completed AC and DC power systems, we also have available battery charger chassis products designed to enable existing trackside power systems to be refurbished and upgraded.A team of highly qualified and experienced technicians are available to carry out installation, commissioning and service work with minimal operational disruption.We can also provide a full range of complementary support covering routine service, emergency call out, battery testing, etc, to suit your needs.

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