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Generator Control Panel Upgrades

Dale’s upgrades to generator control panels are a cost-effective way to extend the life of your generator.

New technology

With advances in technology for both the operation of generators and their usage, we can improve your generator with designed control panel solutions for single set and multiple generator synchronised systems.

Our panels use Deep Sea and ComAp generator open protocol type controllers which offer a reliable control of your equipment and give you flexible operation solutions including manual, automatic and remote starting options.

Generator Control Panel


We can install your new generator control panel within the existing site panels, or utilise replacement free standing or wall mounted style units, meeting the site requirements and your application. Panels providing automatic transfer solutions configured for operation with generator units can also be provided to enable a total control solution for your requirements.


 We do standard and bespoke configurations for both analogue and digital interface signals to provide you with data on the generator unit and ancillary equipment operation. Signals can be enabled for both local and remote monitoring of the generator units.