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Fuel Management

Not only do we supply fuel but we also offer generator fuel management to monitor and prevent your diesel from becoming contaminated and causing your generator to fail. Backed by a team of fuel management experts, Dale can ensure your diesel fuel is primed for optimum performance.

Maintain generator performance

Diesel fuel can’t be stored indefinitely and needs maintenance or polishing. It can begin to deteriorate within 60-90 days after refinement - leading to contamination such as sludge, algae, diesel bug and large water particles. All of which can damage diesel generator engines, filters and tanks, and ultimately hinder its power performance. Clean diesel fuel is needed to keep your generator in check, ensuring generator performance and efficient power supply. 

The benefits of fuel management

Your diesel engine relies on having pure, clean diesel for efficient and reliable running. The ultra-fine tolerances and high fuel injection pressures of fuel systems mean they are extremely sensitive to any fuel quality problems. Fuel borne contaminants can cause your engines, generators and pumps to fail.

Benefits of fuel management for generators:

  • Reduced fuel costs: Fuel polishing helps remove the need to buy new fuel when it becomes contaminated and also lowers fuel consumption.

  • Improved operational efficiency: By ensuring that generators are always properly fueled it ensures the generator’s combustion is optimised and it can reach its full rated power.

  • Improved generator lifespan: Contaminated fuel can lead to increased mechanical wear thereby shortening the operational lifespan of your generator.

  • Reduction in harmful emissions: A poorly operating generator can emit excessive exhaust smoke. 

  • Increased safety: By preventing fuel leaks and theft, businesses can reduce the risk of accidents and environmental damage.

  • Enhanced compliance: By reducing harmful emissions and disposing of old fuel correctly, businesses can ensure that they are in compliance with government regulations.

Fuel Management Services

To avoid diesel fuel contamination, we offer an extensive fuel cleaning service, which comprises diesel fuel sampling, diesel fuel testing, diesel fuel polishing and fuel additives. Fuel tanks are left clean, combustion is improved and carbon deposits are eliminated.  

  • Fuel sampling and testing: Regular testing of samples of your fuel is key to monitoring how clean your diesel generator's fuel is. 

  • Fuel polishing: Should your fuel be contaminated we can polish the fuel to remove any particulates and return your fuel to refinery grade levels.

  • Fuel storage and handling: We can advise on how to minimise contamination risk through the use of good fuel storage and handling practices including the entire fuel management system, from testing to cleaning, repair and replacement.

  • Fuel maintenance: For ongoing fuel maintenance we provide fuel polishing systems which can provide cycled polishing and easy statistics on your fuel. 

  • Fuel system upgrades: We can provide advice on whether your system is suitable to change fuel types. Our team can also help with replacing tanks, changing pumps, new gauges, drop weight fire valves and bespoke fire extinguishing systems.

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