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Refurbishment & repairs

With years of experience in secure power engineering, we can repair or if needed design an upgrade program to keep your generator or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) running longer before the need for a more costly complete replacement.

Resilience of service

Our experienced team of on-call engineers located throughout the UK will keep you running no matter what and we'll always look to repair your generator or UPS first before upgrading your equipment. We have an extensive catalogue of spare parts for both generators and UPS and a network of contacts to source spares from all the major manufacturers.

Need to call us out? We’ll respond to a call out for repairs within 4 hours on our maintenance and service contracts. 

UPS Repair

Generators repairs

Overtime should any of your parts fail on your generator, we can support with the repairs. All major generator manufacturers are covered by our team of engineers. On diesel generators we can replace: radiators, engine heaters, hoses, belts, coolant, oil, battery chargers and the generator controls. With our engine repairs we can support you with water pumps, injectors, fuel pumps and batteries, as examples.

Generator upgrades

We can help you extend the life of your generator and avoid the heavy cost of complete replacement with an upgrade programme. Upgrade options include but are not limited to: the diesel engine, fuel system, alternator, control system, ventilation, acoustic and anti-vibration configurations, maintenance access and canopy/container enclosures.

UPS repairs 

A UPS is a crucial piece of your business and it’s essential that you can rely on it to provide critical power protection at all times. But wear and tear over time is inevitable, so should you find yourself in a situation where you have a failure on your UPS system, Dale is on hand to help get you back up and running. We have a UK stock of new UPS systems that our team can deliver, position and install in no time at all.

UPS upgrades

A UPS is permanently connected to the mains supply. Unnecessary losses incurred by an incorrectly sized or aged UPS can cost you thousands in wasted electricity.

As part of our upgrade service, we will carry out a site survey of the current UPS loading along with associated electrical infrastructure which will highlight where you can make improvements to the general operation and resilience of your system.

A site survey can be completed onsite by the engineer without interruption or risk to the critical load. And if you’re planning to expand, our power surveys can assist with UPS sizing and efficiency.