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Due to the sensitive nature of telephone systems, internet connectivity systems and other telecoms such as radio, television and PBX systems, special provisions are needed when it comes to continuity of power supply. To mitigate these risks we can provide you with backup power in the form of telecom UPS, network UPS and diesel generators, alongside maintenance services for that extra level of support. With our national support teams we can respond quickly and be wherever you need us most.


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Case Study

Bespoke modular UPS solution for Telecomms Provider in Gibraltar

Our client is a leading telecommunications provider based in Gibraltar supplying data storage, predominantly for the e-gaming sector. The thriving and lucrative sector relies on high speed data transfer and a continuous reliable source of power to service customers around the world. The challenge was to find a backup power solution that would provide sufficient power density from a unit with minimal footprint.

Dale’s Solution

  • A 48V DC modular switch-mode UPS system (48V DC, 44kW per rectifier) was configured to allow the batteries to be located elsewhere in the building

  • The modular system provided high power density to footprint ratio. 2400mm wide x 800mm deep x 1999mm high

  • The system comprised of dual rectifiers for redundancy and maximum reliability / minimum down-time

  • The equipment was designed to provide back up power for 2 hours continuously in the event of AC supply failure

  • Individual rectifier modules were hot-swappable, reducing  down-time and increasing overall system reliability

  • The system included a sophisticated system control, alarm and remote monitoring via Modbus, SNMP & SMTP

  • All local control and indications were via a modern, colour, touch-screen graphical user interface

  • The client purchased load bank equipment which facilitates scheduled battery discharge tests to verify battery performance and increase system reliability. A Dale engineer carries out regular tests to ensure the equipment is working optimally under full load conditions

Our Results

Dale had been providing maintenance and support to this client for 10+ years via a local engineer

2 batteries provided 2 hours autonomy per battery and gave the client greater resilience

The modular UPS system provided excellent power density to footprint ratio

The solution was future proofed. 6 x 4kW modules supplied per rectifier had the option to expand to 11 x 4kW modules

The client has an annual maintenance contract.

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