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OFTEC Inspections

Our OFTEC inspections help protect you against the risk of oil spills and leakages from your generator and fuel tank and any potential fines that may be incurred.

OFTEC inspections from Dale

Recommended annually, we carry out your OFTEC inspection with our own team of OFTEC-registered engineers or OFTEC-registered technicians. We can ensure your compliance with industry regulations and OFTEC approved controls.

OFTEC inspection pipework

What is an OFTEC inspection?

An OFTEC Inspection concerning the fuel tank of a generator is an assessment of the tank and pipework ensuring the health and safety of individuals and the environment is not compromised. By carrying out such an inspection by a qualified engineer you are minimising the risks and associated penalties.

Covering everything from the condition, construction, type of oil and identification of your oil tank through to bund compliance, gauge inspections and environmental considerations, our OFTEC inspections are thorough, reliable and industry-compliant. 

Following the inspection you will have the information and tools you need to prevent oil spills and oil leakages, and actionable advice for increased protection, and health and safety.

The benefits of an OFTEC inspection

By carrying out a tank inspection by a qualified engineer you are minimising the risks and associated penalties that come with an oil spill or oil leakage, and should you pass, you’ll receive an OFTEC certificate that is valid for 5 years. 

Alongside our diesel check fuel testing, clear tank cleaning and diesel defence fuel polishing, we can help you make sure your generator is running to optimum performance and protect you against any potential risks.

What does an OFTEC inspection include?