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Battery management

We are one of the largest and leading independent suppliers of battery management for generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the UK.

Full service

We provide a range of support for our customers on batteries. From correct sizing, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance, testing and complete lifecycle management of the battery.

At Dale we can fulfill a range of requirements from individual cells and mono-blocks to full banks, strings and entire sites as well as battery chargers to support your UPS and generators. We'll provide independent advice on the best battery for your application.

UPS Battery Maintenance

Battery selection and supply

Our expert engineers will select and size the correct battery technology and type to ensure the best choice for your application. Our technical experts will help your chose from:

  • Valve regulated lead acid batteries (VRLA)

  • Flooded lead acid batteries

  • Vented nickel cadmium batteries (NiCd)

  • Gas recombination low maintenance batteries

  • Li-ion batteries

  • Lithium primary cell batteries

Battery accommodation

The correct battery accommodation is as important as the battery itself due to the role it plays in your power supply infrastructure. We can help choose the right one and install it for you.

An extensive range of enclosures and stands (open and cladded) are available for all applications. Standard equipment such as battery isolators, switchgear and fuse boxes are all available to suit your requirements, but if your installation is in an explosive atmosphere we have a range of ATEX Ex compliant equipment as well.

Battery installation and commissioning

Once you’ve selected your batteries and accommodation, our team of engineers and project managers will organise everything required for installation on your site.

Battery maintenance

Predictive and preventative maintenance should be regularly carried out to reduce battery failure, prolong battery life and battery health and reduce any downtime. Our engineers are on hand when problems do occur and will always try to repair or reconfigure your battery. If a replacement is required we’ll recommend a suitable solution.

Although most modern design UPS systems have the ability to automatically test their batteries, regular preventative maintenance should also be undertaken to ensure the integrity of the battery system.

Preventative maintenance checks would include:

  • Battery cell voltage

  • Battery string voltage

  • Battery float voltage

  • Visual inspection of terminals and connections for corrosion

  • Visual inspection of block casing for evidence of external structure failure

  • Ambient room temperature

  • General installation condition

Battery testing

Battery testing and battery inspections are available for all of our batteries, from single cells to entire charging rooms. This is vital for keeping your batteries in good condition and maintaining battery health and available power.

As an enhancement to standard preventative maintenance, we also offer a battery conductance testing service. This test will provide information on the health of the battery without the need of bringing it to a full discharge.

These measurements, along with other maintenance data such as ambient and cell temperatures and AC ripple current, assist in determining the overall condition of battery systems.