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As well as supporting our customers with sustainable, secure power solutions, we are passionate about our own sustainability and being a responsible business.

How are we doing this?

ISO 14001 certified

96% of our waste is recycled

4% of our waste is recovered through a waste to energy process

100% of our fleet is <130g/km CO2 emissions

Smart journey planning with a UK-wide network of 80+ engineers

Award winning apprenticeship scheme

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ambassadors

Our commitment to the environment

We recognise the importance and the impact our activities as a business have on the environment around us. We take a lot of care in how we do business and are fully invested in the principles of ISO and we are always looking for new ways to improve. From water and energy efficiency, waste reduction and our supply chain management and innovative product development, reducing our carbon footprint and reducing emissions across our fleet, Dale is dedicated to improving our sustainability.

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UPS Workshop

Our commitment to the local community

One of our core principles as a business is our commitment to having a positive and beneficial relationship with our local community. We aim to contribute towards improving inequality issues and progressing social development. 

UPS Products


As we transition to green energy and develop new technologies we are designing our products to improve efficiency and reduce energy usage and costs for customers while ensuring complete power security. We are reducing materials waste through efficient design with refurbishment processes to extend the useful life and enable reuse.

Generator & UPS Service


We are minimising the impact of our fleet vehicles with a distributed network of 80+ engineers meaning no engineer will travel for more than 60 minutes to reach a customer. This is supported by the strategic scheduling of routine maintenance and remote monitoring of assets which drives efficiency on the amount of travel undertaken between appointments and reduces our carbon output. We are also modernising our fleet of vehicles to improve emissions.

Dale team


Talent attraction and retention is key to business and economic success of regions where we are based. We have a long history of investing in training and award winning apprenticeships. Social mobility, employability, and supporting our young workforce with their future careers is a huge part of our ethos as a business and our relationship with our local community. 

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Our award winning apprenticeship programme has been specially designed to help you to gain valuable skills and knowledge as well as a recognised qualification. We offer the support and tools for you to thrive in your career and work with leading engineering apprenticeship training providers to provide bespoke programmes help you complete your qualification.

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