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An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) plays a key role in keeping your power running should the worst ever happen and there’s a break in your supply. Via its battery, it provides a backup power supply that allows you to shut down your critical systems in a controlled manner, or it can bridge the gap between a mains failure and your standby generator kicking in. With both tower and rack UPS models available, we have options to fit your needs, your space, and your budget.

A wide range of UPS

Whether your operation is retail, banking, a hospital, a data centre, public services or energy supply, we have a solution for you. We have a large range of commercial UPS and industrial UPS which we can tailor to individual needs and to meet the most demanding of applications. Our expert team is here to help from supply, system design and install to ongoing maintenance.

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

Dale UPS solutions

Our offering covers

UPS solutions from Dale

Dale has a rich heritage in designing and manufacturing battery based critical backup power systems which many of our customers will recognise via the Erskine brand name. We offer both commercial UPS systems and industrial UPS systems.

Commercial UPS

A commercial UPS is suitable for IT applications such as server rooms and data centres. These environments are temperature controlled, clean environments. These UPS are designed to last between 10 and 12 years with regular preventative maintenance. The battery support time can range between a few minutes to several hours. We have models in both tower and rack UPS format.

Single phase or Three phase UPS? A single phase UPS is ideal for lower power requirements (less than 20 kVA) such as computer systems, telecoms, network switches and rack mounted servers or anything with a backup requirement that uses a standard UK 3 pin plug. Where the power requirement is greater such as data centres or hospitals a three phase UPS is more suited to carry the greater load.

Industrial UPS

Industrial UPS are specifically designed for critical processes such as an oil rig or power plant but are also suitable for manufacturing when a break in production can be costly. They won’t drop the critical load and can tolerate higher temperatures and dirtier environments. Industrial UPS have a design life of 20+ years with a corresponding battery life. The battery support time ranges between 60-480 minutes.

WIMES & Harsh Environment Solutions

Our High Ingress Protection Environmental UPS has been designed to withstand the harsh demands of industrial sectors, protecting customers’ assets and providing critical power in environments subject to dust, moisture and extremes in temperature. We offer a wide selection of service solutions to meet your needs no matter the environment or size of project. Our Environment UPS and WIMES UPS systems are no exception to that.

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Our services for Uninterruptible Power Supplies

We do more than just supply UPS and industrial UPS, we support you and your system with a range of maintenance services. We can design, install and commission, and service your UPS as well as undertaking upgrades and repairs. Our national team of engineers is available 24/7 to make sure your emergency power is always on standby.

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