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Many operations from healthcare and defence through to telecommunications, data centres and renewables depend upon a reliable back-up power supply in the event of a power outage. Our emergency backup generators provide that fallback, ensuring that you are always connected and can still operate when your mains supply fails. We also offer ongoing maintenance and repair for generators. Let us provide the right generator spares and backup power supply for you.

Expert support

Choosing the right industrial generator to suit your needs requires care and thoughtful guidance. From our range of open set, canopy to containerised generators, Dale’s team of experts are on hand to help you select and install your generator.

Need something more bespoke? We can design and manufacture the right product for you too.

Expert generator servicing

Our support doesn't end with installation; we're equally focused on servicing your generator so you get the best performance possible. Dale offers planned preventative (PPM) and predictive maintenance for all our generator products, carried out by our nationwide team of engineers.

Diesel Generators Solutions

Dale Generator Solutions

Our offering covers

Different Types of Generator

The nature of your operations will influence which generator will provide the best back-up power for you.

Canopy generators

A canopy generator is a form of enclosed generator that sits within a protective structure. These silent generators are quieter than open set generators as the enclosure that they are housed in is built using sound proof materials inside to minimise noise. The canopy also allows the generator to be housed outside. These generators are simple to install and connect to your building.

Our canopy generators

Open set generators

An open set generator is built without a canopy or protective structure so the engine is exposed. They are suited to indoor environments such as plant rooms. Without an enclosure, it allows for easier ventilation and access for servicing.

Our open set generators

Containerised generators

Another form of enclosed generator, a containerised generator is housed within a steel shipping container and due to its nature is easy to transport. The shipping container enclosure means these generators can be designed to withstand harsh environments. They can also be manufactured to produce lower noise emissions.

Our containerised generators

Standard and customised generators

We stock an extensive range of generators from standard diesel generators and silent generators through to offshore/renewable generators and hybrid generators. We are also a premier dealer of Himoinsa generators. Our expert team can guide you through our product range to help you find the right generator to meet your needs.

Need something bespoke? Whether you have specific power output requirements, want to think of alternative fuel sources to a diesel generator or need to tailor your generator to its location. Our engineers can work with you to design a generator to meet your exact requirements and we’ll manufacture it too.

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What to think about when buying a generator

There are a number of factors that you should think about when purchasing a generator for backup power supply. From the power or load, noise emissions through to the location and fuel type. You can find out more in our handy guide.

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Our services for generator customers

We don’t just design and supply generators, we’re with you for the long term. We have a nationwide team of engineers who can install and commission your generator and provide ongoing generator servicing and repair as well as battery maintenance making sure your backup power supply is always ready to go. As power requirements evolve we’re there to future proof your power supply and provide ongoing help.

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