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What is a Battery Energy Storage System?

Battery energy storage systems allow you to take full control of how and when to use energy generated from your renewable assets - be that solar, wind or others. Rather than feeding surplus energy into the grid, you can store it with our battery backups, ready for use when it suits your business or facility.

The only way to get cheaper energy while reducing your carbon footprint

In today's rapidly evolving energy landscape, integrating a battery storage system into your business is emerging as the most effective solution for achieving both economic savings and environmental sustainability.

By harnessing and storing energy during off-peak times when electricity rates are lower, and utilising it during peak demand periods, Battery Storage Systems can significantly reduce energy costs. Simultaneously, these systems facilitate a higher reliance on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, thereby minimising carbon emissions and contributing to a greener future.

As a result, investing in battery storage is not only a smart financial decision but also a crucial step towards reducing your carbon footprint and fostering a more sustainable planet.

What is a BESS?

A commercial battery storage system is an advanced technology solution designed to store and manage electrical energy for businesses and industrial operations.

These systems are equipped with high-capacity batteries that can store energy from the grid or renewable sources, such as wind turbines, during periods of low demand or low-cost electricity.

The stored energy can then be used during peak demand times, power outages, or to balance supply and demand fluctuations. By optimising energy use, reducing reliance on the grid, and enabling greater integration of renewable energy, commercial battery storage systems enhance operational efficiency, reduce energy costs, and contribute to sustainability goals, making them a vital component of modern energy management strategies.

What are the benefits of battery energy storage?

  • Renewable energy use

Access cleaner energy from renewable sources.

  • Long term cost savings

Much cheaper energy bills, freeing you up to grow and invest

  • Smaller carbon footprint

Get to net zero faster and reduce your impact on the environment

  • An extra revenue stream

Sell your surplus energy back to the grid.

  • Grid support

Help balance the grid by moving energy at times of low demand

  • Improved power quality

No more voltage fluctuations. Your BESS releases energy steadily, even during peak times

  • Easy to install

We have UK wide installation teams ready to get you up and running.

  • Uninterruptible power

No downtime or reliance on polluting diesel generators.

Dale Power Solutions helps businesses of all sizes access much cleaner, cheaper energy

Business growth in the UK is being strangled by eye-watering energy bills. This has gone on for too long. While energy providers look set to keep prices where they are, ambitious leaders are looking for other ways to reduce their bills.

A battery energy storage system helps you access much cheaper, greener energy which can stabilise costings as commercial and industrial energy users do not benefit from having an energy price cap.

Greener energy from renewable sources. Get to net zero quicker

  • During the day, pressure on the Grid is at its highest. This means we have to rely on electricity generated from fossil fuels from the grid to meet demand.

  • A battery energy storage system allows you to buy energy during the night and store it.

  • So it’s there when you need it during the day. 

  • Because demand is lower overnight, the energy you buy comes from greener, renewable sources.

Finally - a way to reduce your energy bills without reducing your operations

  • Rising energy bills have been soul destroying for many UK businesses. 

  • It’s hard to grow and reach your goals in these circumstances. Some businesses face an uncertain future.
    BESS represents an opportunity - a way to get much cheaper energy bills, without cutting back your operations. 

  • When you buy electricity overnight, you get it at its cheapest price. 

  • A BESS allows you to store that energy and use it during the day. 

  • So you can go completely off grid during the most expensive periods of the day.

Create new income streams. Sell your excess energy back to the National Grid.

  • Many of our customers find that they end up with surplus energy in their battery energy storage system.

  • And this surplus opens up an entirely new revenue stream for them. 

  • They get to sell that surplus energy back to the grid. 

  • So, not only are they saving on the bills for the energy they use, they can make money by selling some of it back.

A spotless safety record. The safest lithium ion batteries on the market. 

  • We’ve partnered with Eft systems GmbH who are the integration partner for the BYD Battery Energy Storage System up to 50 MWh.

  • BYD batteries have a spotless safety record. They’ve never had a lithium ion fire. And that’s unheard of in our industry. 

  • As an extra safeguard, we’ve also partnered with an expert data analytics provider. 

  • So you get real time performance analytics for your BESS. It also tracks patterns and recurrences over time. So it can pre-empt any issues before they arise. 

  • And our nationwide team of maintenance and service engineers can get to any customer site on mainland GB with a 4 hour response time - faster if necessary.

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