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Advantages of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) offer many advantages and disadvantages that are crucial to consider. BESS offer a range of advantages and disadvantages that are crucial to consider.

While Battery Energy Storage Solutions offer substantial benefits for renewable energy integration, grid stability, and environmental impact, they also come with challenges such as high costs, limited lifespan, resource demands, efficiency losses, and safety concerns. Balancing these factors is key to effectively implementing battery storage technologies.

Choose Dale for the safest battery energy storage on the market

Our product partner BYD has a spotless safety record. Their Blade technology has been developed to offer a much safer battery. 

It’s undergone a rigorous testing programme and has outperformed traditional lithium ion phosphate batteries by a long way. 

For this reason, BYD batteries have no recorded instances of fires on record. 

As a further safeguarding step, we offer an Energy Management System (EMS) that goes way beyond what you’d get with other providers.

The advantages of battery energy storage

As you would expect there are many advantages to be gained by utilising a Battery Energy Storage System within your business:

  • An extra revenue stream

Sell your surplus energy back to the grid

  • Grid support

Help balance the grid by moving energy at times of low demand

  • Improved power quality

No more voltage fluctuations. Your BESS releases energy steadily, even during peak times

  • Easy to install

We have UK wide installation teams ready to get you up and running

  • Uninterruptible power

No downtime or reliance on polluting diesel generators

What are the disadvantages of BESS?

  • High up-front costs

Installing battery energy storage systems does come with an initial investment before you can realise savings.  It’s true. There’s no getting away from the fact that there are costs. Both for the system itself and for the installation. 

DPS can introduce you to our finance and funding partners who are experts in removing up-front capital expenses.  You can pay for your system entirely from the savings you make.

This means there is no up front cost to you. And your repayments are covered entirely by the monthly savings you make.

  • Performance and lifespan

When choosing your battery energy storage supplier, you need to ask about the lifespan of the batteries. 

Some on the market will only last for 4-6 years.

BESS lifetimes are generally based around the number of 'cycles' which means a full discharge and full charge to 100%. 

Dale Power Solution battery systems are warrantied for 10-years which covers cycling up to twice per day, every day of every year.

  • Increased need for maintenance and monitoring

All our customers can access our maintenance and service packages, which come as standard. We have over 80 fully qualified, expert maintenance engineers across the UK. So they can be with you, on site, in less than 4 hours, wherever you are. 

Our advanced data analytics provision also means potential issues are spotted and dealt with way before they become problems. 

And because any system you get with Dale is installed by expert and experienced engineers, the potential for issues is very small.

  • Reliability

With some BESS providers, it could be argued that battery energy storage is less reliable than traditional sources. 

But we have an 89 year history of being a trusted critical power partner. There’s a reason you find BESS systems in hospitals, the National Grid, Government departments and other huge public and private organisations across the UK. 

We use advanced calculations and financial modelling to design a BESS sized to meet your energy needs. You access your energy from the Grid overnight. This energy mix is made up of a higher proportion of renewable sources than you’d get during the day. 

This captured green energy is then discharged to your facility during the day. So you get an uninterrupted, smooth power supply to match the reliability of traditional, more expensive sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power. 

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