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Data centres require immense power supply and power generation for uptime and operation. If your customer service level agreement (SLA) guarantees 99.9% uptime then ensuring your servers and racks are always powered is critical. We can keep your data centre running at full capacity with our backup generators, which are designed in accordance with the DCP (Data Centre Power) declaration and Uptime Institute, and our data centre UPS. We can support from design right through to commissioning, and all this is underpinned by our sector leading team of field engineers for ongoing support.


Industry Accreditations

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Case Study

£3m upgrade for backup power system at bank’s data centre

Our banking client had a 6-generator system providing backup power to their data centre. Each system provided 1 MW, 1250 kVA.

The system had become outdated and parts had become obsolete which prevented necessary repairs and servicing from being carried out to keep the system current and reliable.

Dale’s Solution

Following a rigorous survey, a 5-year programme was developed to upgrade the full backup power provision.

Some of the generators were replaced with modern components and made fit for purpose.

Replacement of obsolete components, on otherwise good generators, was a cost-effective solution to extend the life of parts of the backup power systems.

Our Results

  • The refurbished generators received new open protocol systems, providing modern functionality with accessible monitoring and control systems

  • Exhaust, cooling and acoustic systems were updated

  • Fuel systems were upgraded with bunded pipework and new fuel day tanks, to comply with environmental legislation and mitigate the risk of fuel leakage