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UPS Maintenance

At Dale Power Solutions, we understand the critical role of UPS maintenance in the lifecycle of your UPS system.

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, our trusted engineers are on hand 24/7 and fully equipped to service, interrogate and repair equipment from almost any OEM.

Why Choose Dale Power?

  • 4 hour UPS related call-out response time availability, 365 days a year
  • National coverage with on/off-shore maintenance reach
  • Regular Management Information (MI) with true maintenance reporting
  • All UPS makes and models covered by experienced expert staff
  • Accurate real-time reporting via the Dale Field Data Capture App
  • Professionally serviced and maintained in accordance with industry best practice
  • Online portal providing a smart maintenance solution with remote access to asset data, service reports & remedial works

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UPS Service & Maintenance Plans

What’s involved in a UPS contract?

Dale understand that clarity in any service is important therefore have simplified your solutions into 4 main maintenance packages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum).Please contact us for full information concerning our terms and conditions where you can see what you can expect from a leading provider in critical power.

Preventative UPS Maintenance

Damage and wear and tear are unavoidable in the life of a UPS. Avoid the disruption caused by power downtime through regular preventative UPS maintenance, which means less downtime and reduced unexpected costs. We plan inspections to detect problems early on and then schedule preventative maintenance, allowing us to make repairs at the right time without it affecting your load.

Predictive UPS Maintenance

Our extensive experience allows us to make reliable and accurate predictions as to when a UPS system could face decreased efficiency due to damage or a failed component. This enables us to establish when to carry out specific maintenance, ensuring that your load is not affected by a period of downtime.

UPS Maintenance Contracts

Customers can benefit from our comprehensive UPS maintenance contracts, which entitles you to a 24-hour callout service should your UPS system become compromised. Our highly trained engineers and friendly support staff are always on hand to provide assistance when needed. We offer cost-effective contracts, ensuring that your UPS system is regularly maintained to support your load without any downtime.

Our Customers

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UPS Maintenance

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UPS Installation & Commissioning

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Why do I need UPS maintenance?

Maintenance is essential for keeping your UPS system in working order. An uninterruptible power supply is a highly technical piece of equipment, which consists of thousands of sensitive components, each one playing a major part in keeping the UPS fully functioning. UPS maintenance allows us to identify any potential failures and maintain the integrity of the system without having to affect the load.

What does UPS maintenance involve?

Vital UPS maintenance tasks generally include a visual inspection of the area surrounding the UPS and the battery equipment, in order to establish obstructions or proper cooling. Maintenance also looks to identify whether any operating abnormalities or warnings have been registered on the UPS panel like a battery near discharge or an overload for example.

How often do I need UPS maintenance?

Regular UPS maintenance is necessary for the successful operation of your uninterruptible power supply. It is generally recommended that UPS maintenance is carried out within the first year of installation and annually from there onwards. Maintenance may need to be carried out sooner due to any potential component failures that may occur in the meantime.

What is UPS maintenance bypass?

During regular UPS maintenance, the uninterruptible power supply needs to be isolated through an external UPS maintenance bypass, also known as a wraparound bypass. This allows general servicing to continue without causing disruption to the load. A larger UPS will need the internal static bypass engaged before throwing the maintenance bypass.

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