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UPS Maintenance

At Dale Power Solutions, we understand the critical role of UPS maintenance in the lifecycle of your UPS system.

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, our trusted engineers are on hand 24/7 and fully equipped to service, interrogate and repair equipment from almost any OEM.

Why Choose Dale Power?

  • 4 hour UPS related call-out response time availability, 365 days a year
  • National coverage with on/off-shore maintenance reach
  • Regular Management Information (MI) with true maintenance reporting
  • All UPS makes and models covered by experienced expert staff
  • Accurate real-time reporting via the Dale Field Data Capture App
  • Professionally serviced and maintained in accordance with industry best practice
  • Online portal providing a smart maintenance solution with remote access to asset data, service reports & remedial works

UPS Service & Maintenance Plans

What’s involved in a UPS contract?

Dale understand that clarity in any service is important therefore have simplified your solutions into 4 main maintenance packages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum).Please contact us for full information concerning our terms and conditions where you can see what you can expect from a leading provider in critical power.

Preventative UPS Maintenance

Damage and wear and tear are unavoidable in the life of a UPS. Avoid the disruption caused by power downtime through regular preventative UPS maintenance, which means less downtime and reduced unexpected costs. We plan inspections to detect problems early on and then schedule preventative maintenance, allowing us to make repairs at the right time without it affecting your load.

Predictive UPS Maintenance

Our extensive experience allows us to make reliable and accurate predictions as to when a UPS system could face decreased efficiency due to damage or a failed component. This enables us to establish when to carry out specific maintenance, ensuring that your load is not affected by a period of downtime.

UPS Maintenance Contracts

Customers can benefit from our comprehensive UPS maintenance contracts, which entitles you to a 24-hour callout service should your UPS system become compromised. Our highly trained engineers and friendly support staff are always on hand to provide assistance when needed. We offer cost-effective contracts, ensuring that your UPS system is regularly maintained to support your load without any downtime.

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Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) do so much more than provide short-term emergency backup power in the event of any disturbances or disruptions to the mains electricity supply. Responding to complete mains failure, power outages and blackouts, UPS power supply systems such as AC UPS, DC UPS and rugged UPS can also correct a wide range of power problems, such as sags (short periods when the voltage is below the usual mains supply level), power surges (sudden increase in voltage caused by an event such as a lightning strike), unstable frequency (where power oscillates beyond 50Hz) and power spikes (very short millisecond bursts of energy on the power line). With such an important role to play, your UPS must undergo UPS service and UPS maintenance inspections to ensure that they will always work without interruption.

From UPS remote monitoring and control system management through to replacement batteries, UPS battery maintenance and load testing, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can meet all of your UPS maintenance inspections’ needs. Along with the provision of spare parts such as UPS alternators, UPS air filters, UPS cooling systems, UPS batteries and UPS control systems, we can service your UPS to the highest standards. Backed by a team of UPS engineers and UPS service professionals who are available 24/7, 365 days of the year – your UPS power supply will be able to handle any inconsistency or unforeseen circumstance with ease.

To discover what our UPS maintenance contracts incorporate and learn more about our UPS service, please get in touch with us today. We help businesses across the UK, including those located in areas such as York, Scarborough, Kent, Glasgow and St Albans, and will discuss your needs to ensure your UPS contract is the right one for you.

5 star alomcp customer review

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5 star alomcp customer review

The Importance of Ongoing UPS Maintenance

An uninterruptible power supply needs sufficient maintenance in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure optimal reliability. With businesses becoming ever more reliant on their UPS power supplies, a power failure is an unmitigated disaster, not only because of the inconvenience, but also the potentially excessive loss of time and money. A UPS maintenance cover programme provides greater peace of mind that a UPS will always work efficiency, and protect any associated equipment.

Having a well-designed and well-maintained UPS power supply system is the best protection against power outages, being especially important for hospitals and other health care facilities, as well as data centres, telecommunication businesses and utility services. Even the best UPS requires UPS service and maintenance every now and then, and we feel it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Systematic UPS service and UPS maintenance contracts for your UPS power supply are always recommended, and here at Dale Power Solutions we offer 4 levels of cover. From the ‘Bronze’ package which includes an annual visit and intermediate visit where we carry out an asset review, through to our ‘Platinum’ package which involves management information reports, minor fault fixes, included callouts and condition-based consumable changes such as end of life capacitors, fans and batteries among other useful UPS spare parts, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can do it all. Our team are experts in the maintenance, repair and testing of all types of critical power supply systems, being widely experienced in managing power installation projects of all sizes and complexities too.

Therefore, whether you’re located in Kent, Liverpool, Yorkshire or Glasgow, please get in touch with Dale Power Solutions today to learn more about our UPS maintenance package options. We enact UPS maintenance plans across the UK, and our experience and expertise is highlighted in our work.

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Our UPS Maintenance Plans & UPS Service Options

With industry experience and expertise guiding our maintenance process, Dale Power Solutions is determined to keep your UPS power supply systems running effectively. Our UPS maintenance contracts provide clients with a comprehensive UPS service and UPS maintenance package for their UPS. Regardless of whether you use an AC UPS, DC UPS, rugged UPS, containerised UPS, severe environment UPS or some other kind, wear and tear over time is inevitable, and therefore, we use planned preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance to ensure repairs are carried out with minimal disruption to your facility and business.

Should you experience UPS breakdown, we aim for rapid response UPS maintenance. With remote monitoring of your UPS, we can easily maintain your UPS systems, and, where needed, take immediate action and reduce response time. From our standard UPS service and UPS repairs through to load testing, control system management and our UPS battery service, our UPS maintenance service can maintain your uninterruptible power supplies no end.

Our UPS service and maintenance can include:

Equipment Upgrades, UPS Upgrades & New UPS System Maintenance

UPS equipment upgrades are a great way to extend your UPS power supply system’s life cycle, as is the introduction of new UPS power supply, and UPS upgrades into your site. From the configuration of your UPS equipment before it’s dispatched, right the way through to on-site installation and optimisation, Dale Power Solutions provides a comprehensive installation and commissioning service for our UPS, ensuring complete peace of mind and a high standard of work. Our service engineers can either work alone on your project, or alongside your plant engineering staff, to reduce expenditure and enable knowledge transfer. This will be commissioned safely and delivered on time, with minimal disruption to your power site.

We will conduct a complete site assessment including access, space and floor loadings. We will then organise delivery and placement of your power system, arranging special lifting and carnage if required. We will also take care of all the electrical and mechanical work that is needed to get your UPS power supply up and running.

During the commissioning process our experienced and highly skilled engineers will fully test the complete power protection systems operation to ensure that your system is tuned to provide you with maximum efficiency of your plants operation. Our service engineers will work in accordance with factory issued commissioning procedures and written method statement.

UPS Upgrades & UPS Power Supply Systems.

At Dale Power Solutions, we offer a range of UPS upgrades for UPS power supply systems ensuring you get the most out of your power systems. Upgrade options include, but are not limited to: the UPS air filter, UPS cooling system, UPS battery, UPS alternator and UPS control system.

We also have a fantastic range of UPS power supply systems for you to choose from, should your UPS be beyond repair. Our range of UPS includes AC UPS, DC UPS, rugged UPS, containerised UPS and severe environment UPS, available with single phase power, three phase power and a wide voltage range. Dependent on your maintenance requirements, we can advise you on the right UPS power supply for you.

On the lookout for a UPS maintenance service? Want to learn more about our UPS service contracts? Whether you’re located in Scarborough, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff, we offer UPS maintenance solutions to power sites across the UK, so we know we can provide you with a viable power solution too. We recommend contacting us today on 0330 999 3000 to discuss our range of options and how we can help you.

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The Benefits of UPS Maintenance

There are many UPS maintenance benefits, including:

  • Ensures optimum UPS power supply efficiency: A well-structured UPS preventive maintenance programme includes servicing to all the UPS installation’s major parts; the UPS itself, the battery and generator if present. During a maintenance visit, a full inspection of the UPS’s critical instruments will also be checked for optimum UPS power supply efficiency.
  • Reduced risk of downtime: A forward-thinking UPS maintenance and UPS service allows you to monitor the ongoing health of your UPS power supply. By scheduling regular inspections and checkups, you will alleviate the chances of part and component failures which lead to downtime. Preventative maintenance will also address any issues that could lead to a potential system failure, identifying and resolving problems before they have a chance to take hold, or worsen.
  • Improves business budgeting and maintenance processes: Whether you run a data centre, telecommunications business or a healthcare facility, unexpected breakdowns can be extremely costly, and really eat into your expenditure or cash reserve. By having a preventive maintenance program in place, you can avert unanticipated failures and better plan for the future. Furthermore, part refurbishments and replacements can be predicted and anticipated, and therefore you can build these into your forecasted costs and budget.
  • Increased efficiency and longer lifespan: Professional UPS maintenance and a UPS service will help your UPS power supply function at peak performance. This will help your system work for years to come, prolonging their lifespan, and the benefits they bring to your business and facility.

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Why Businesses Trust In Dale

Interested in learning more about our UPS service and UPS maintenance contracts? Want to learn more about how we can help? We can help sites in areas such as Kent, London, Gwynt y Môr and Carlisle, so whether you’re after UPS maintenance, UPS repairs or something more specific, please contact Dale Power Solutions today and we’ll be only too happy to help.

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Why do I need UPS maintenance?

The critical nature of UPS systems means that they need to be serviced regularly to ensure that the internal workings of the units and their batteries are functioning correctly. More than this, UPS maintenance is needed to prevent failure-induced downtime, which could also compromise the equipment the UPS systems have been installed to protect. UPS maintenance can therefore secure confidential information and data and reduce the likelihood of damaging lags or sags in a power supply that could hinder access to this. Ensuring optimum UPS system efficiency – UPS maintenance evaluates your whole system and provides support with prolonged lifecycle management.

What does UPS maintenance involve?

UPS maintenance is extensive and far-reaching, and when carried out by our technical team, is highly successful. UPS maintenance involves the testing and inspection of your UPS systems, and making any necessary adjustments for power continuity. A visual inspection of the area surrounding your UPS and battery equipment will typically be carried out first, with UPS maintenance seeking to identify any operational abnormalities. Following this, we can carry out battery maintenance, battery management, enclosure maintenance and load bank testing, as well as control system management, voltage testing, and replace faulty parts with new ones. This can include batteries, capacitors, alternators and fans.

How often do I need UPS maintenance?

UPS manufacturers usually recommend that UPS maintenance should be carried out within the first year of installation, and then annually from there on out. However, if you notice any issues with your UPS system beforehand, then you should always contact your power supply partner as soon as possible to rectify them, and to ensure that UPS repairs are carried out swiftly and efficiently. The right check up could be the difference between business continuity and a costly expense, so UPS maintenance is always worth the time and effort.

What is UPS maintenance bypass?

A bypass automatically and instantaneously transfers the load to the mains electricity supply when there’s an internal fault or failure with your UPS system. This allows general servicing to continue without causing disruption to the load. In effect, running on a bypass circumvents the UPS (i.e. the rectifier, batteries and inverter) and ensures power continuity while the UPS is fixed or swapped out.

Internal static bypass switches should not be confused with an external maintenance bypass switch, which is an option that enables the UPS to be powered down manually for maintenance to be carried out while the critical load is powered directly from the mains. External maintenance bypass switches tend to be mechanical in the form of a wraparound or rotary switch or set of circuit breakers.

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