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The Importance Of UPS Maintenance For Your Power Supply

The Importance Of UPS Maintenance For Your Power Supply

It’s a simple fact that most electronic and electrical equipment – regardless of how well-designed and manufactured it is, will fail at some point. Failure-induced downtime is out of the question for any commercially-used equipment, but it’s especially serious for UPS systems; if they go offline, they compromise all the equipment they have been installed to protect – leading to power outages, blackouts and loss of consumer confidence. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to minimise this risk and support your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems for as long as possible. 

At the basic level, your UPS system should be kept in a clean, dry and well-lit area, and you should check that all alarms and indications are recorded, logged and reported flawlessly. Responsibility for the UPS and its related equipment operation should be assigned to a named member of staff, and a suitable UPS maintenance contract negotiated with a reputable UPS maintenance provider – such as Dale Power Solutions. We enact a strict, industry-regulated corrective maintenance programme that ensures optimal efficiency through various means: a regular testing and maintenance schedule; emergency call-out facilities with an actionable response time; end-of-life component replacement, such as replacement batteries and replacement parts. 

UPS Maintenance & Generator Maintenance From Dale Power Solutions

Our UPS maintenance & Generator Maintenance includes a fantastic range of services, including:

We can also:

  • Check, record and verify readings, ensuring correct operation.
  • Ensure that airflow in and around the UPS installation is unconstrained while we change any air filters that are in need of replacement.
  • Check your UPS for signs of damage to UPS components or to power and control wiring – which includes swelling and leakage on AC and DC capacitors.
  • Check power supply voltages and waveforms.

Preventative UPS maintenance can make all of the difference, and be the difference between a power outage and uninterruptible power supply. Our regular maintenance visits will aid with functional tests and ensure optimal performance, as well as be the UPS health check your uninterruptible power supply needs.

Battery Testing For UPS Maintenance

With batteries supplying energy to the critical load should the mains utility fail – they are vital to your UPS’s operation. Regular battery maintenance and in depth testing can ensure they continue to be a source of power for your power source, and are there when you need them the most.

Our Battery Service & Maintenance Includes:

  • Checking of the open circuit battery and UPS float voltages.
  • Inspecting the physical condition of the batteries, terminals and connections.
  • Assessing the condition of your battery cabinets.
  • Performing a detailed examination of individual cells for post and interconnector corrosion.
  • Impedance testing to assess the internal condition of your batteries, and check for problems such as a loss of electrolyte due to venting through overcharging, leakage through seals, or migration of electrolyte between cells. In fact, regular impedance testing will track battery condition and allow accurate prediction of the end of the battery’s reliable working life.
  • Voltage readings.
  • Replacement batteries.

We can also:

  • Install permanently-fitted battery monitoring systems for continuous monitoring of battery voltages, current, temperature and impedance, and to detect differences between individual battery blocks during any charge/discharge cycles.
  • Advise on battery system design and create personalised battery installations that meet your site’s requirements, as well as provide technical support.
  • Supply and install brand new UPS batteries for your power systems, as well as replacements for a range of battery-supported products – including AC UPS, DC equipment, emergency lighting units and generator starting batteries. 

An Emergency Call-Out Response For UPS Maintenance

Even state-of-the-art, well maintained equipment can fail at times, so any scheduled maintenance plan should incorporate an emergency call-out service. Different options should exist to allow UPS users to balance response levels against cost and provide UPS power services that are dependable and strong. At Dale Power Solutions, we are available 24/7/365, and have only a 4 hour response time – ensuring any issue isn’t an issue for long. In fact, our network of highly-skilled engineers and trained technicians will give you peace of mind knowing your UPS is in good hands, and that business will be back to normal shortly. Our service level is unrivalled within the industry, ensuring power protection systems solutions are combined with technical support.

Right from the start, our UPS maintenance contract, UPS maintenance schedule and maintenance personnel keep your UPS power supplies working effectively, regardless of site conditions, required specifications or corrective action needed.

Spare Parts For UPS Maintenance Purposes

We don’t just know UPS systems like the back of our hands here at Dale Power Solutions, we also know the parts they need for optimal efficiency too. It can be a nightmare when a part stops functioning properly, but luckily, we hold a vast range of spare parts for our clients benefit. From air filters, cooling systems and alternators to control panels and tailored solutions for niche products, as well as stocking parts for engines and generators no longer in production – your UPS will always have everything it needs in the blink of an eye.

Looking For A UPS Upgrade?

We are very proud of our UPS range, which caters to the needs of clients spanning a range of industries – including: : military UPS; marine UPS; healthcare UPS; telecommunications UPS; navel UPS, rugged UPS, manufacturing UPS; utilities UPS; renewables UPS; data centre UPS; transport UPS. We can guide and advise on the best UPS for your needs, taking you through their capabilities and benefits.

Some of our most popular UPS systems include:

The Dale E600 Range:

From the Dale E61150 (50kVA Single Phase modular UPS) and Dale E63150 (50kVA 3 Phase power modular UPS) through to the The Dale E633200 (200kVA 3 Phase power modular UPS) and The Dale E633400/4050 (400kVA 3 Phase power modular UPS), we have a great range of UPS power supplies for your business. 

Key Features of the Dale E600 range include:

  • High frequency double conversion online technology
  • True sine with large touch screen LCD display
  • Wide range voltage input
  • Configurable N+X modular redundancy
  • Intelligent battery charge management
  • Fully digitised micro‐processor control

Learn more about the Dale E600 range here.

Dale E203R+ (3kVA Single Phase rack/slim Tower UPS)

  • Selectable ECO mode for high efficiency operation
  • High frequency, double conversion online technology
  • Rotatable LCD suitable for 19inch rack or slim tower
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Automatic battery charge in UPS off mode
  • Lightening and surge protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Emergency Power Off facility
  • Smart RS232 and USB comms with monitoring software
  • Programmable load shedding in battery mode

To view our full UPS ranges and to learn more about them, please click here.

Because UPSs exist to protect your business critical equipment, it’s only right that the UPSs themselves should be protected too. Through regular UPS maintenance and a fast response should a power supply failure occur, you can rest assured that your business is being taken care of. If you’re looking for uninterruptible power supply maintenance and your business is located in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, Scarborough, St Albans, Glasgow or Pen y Cymoedd, then please get in touch with us today on 0330 999 3000 to learn more about just what we can do for you.