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Diesel Generator Sets

A comprehensive range of solutions for diesel generators provided to match your critical needs including service and maintenance

The Diesel Generator Range

As a specialist UK manufacturer within the Offshore & Renewable generator market, Dale have a purpose built factory to facilitate your requirements. Beyond this we supply a wide range of diesel generator sets to meet your critical power needs from 100kVA up to 3000kVA.

Whether supplying continuous power, peak shaving or as a emergency power source in we are here to deliver ensuring your power is in safe hands.

Our comprehensive deployment service takes the initial concept and consultancy stages through to state-of-the-art design, comprehensive project management, installation and commissioning followed by complete maintenance and servicing.

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Our ranges

Offshore/Renewable Generators

UK Dale manufactured purpose built solutions – Up to 2MW

Heavy Range

Best for hospitals, institutions or financial organisations – 670-3,531kVA

Silent Range

The solution for guaranteed low level sound emissions – 20-501kVA

Industrial range

Continuous power for industrial, commercial & residential – 3.8-823kVA

Medium Voltage Range

Critical power supply to meet the demand – 1,013-3,426kVA

Hybrid Range

Smart Energy with more autonomy & reduced operation costs – 7.5-45kVA


How do Generators and UPS systems work together?

Generators are not a source for uninterruptible power therefore a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) bridges the gap between the two. As a critical power provider we can help you decide what is the best solution for your needs.

Do you offer service and maintenance?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive service and maintenance solution based on your requirements as a business.

Can you put a generator in a container?

Yes we can, with the range of generators we provide we have the solution to match your need.

Generator Maintenance

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