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Silent generators

In places such as hospitals, construction sites in residential and other noise sensitive areas, the need to maintain a quiet ambiance is a priority. Silent generators can provide all the required power without creating unnecessary noise or breaching any local regulatory decibel levels.

Quiet power

Enclosures on a silent generator, be it a canopy or a container, are designed to be soundproof, therefore they only create a lower noise level than that of their regular diesel counterparts.


A silent diesel generator are also more economical to run due to their modern fuel and engine management systems. The way a generator like this operates greatly reduces total fuel consumption. Silent generators also produce far more electricity per litre of diesel over their run time, compared to petrol, which makes them a more efficient solution.


Dale’s silent generators are built to withstand all sorts of weather conditions as well as the general wear and tear that comes from working in outdoor or construction environments, thanks to their design which prevents water and dust getting in.

Silent Himoinsa generators

Our silent generator range Our silent generators cover power ranges between 20 - 550 kVA and can power everything from construction sites, offices, IT, and hospitals to manufacturing sites. You can find silent generator options in our canopy and containerised generator ranges.

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