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Our Remote Monitoring Options

Our Remote Monitoring Options


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Remote monitoring of your backup power systems is ideal for sites where uninterruptible power is critical. It offers the opportunity to make better use of resources, as sites can be left unattended without the risk of power outages.

Our Remote Monitoring Options

Our remote monitoring process starts with your UPS or generator being fitted with an SNMP (Simple Network Management Portal) card, which, when installed, communicates to the host, extracting information from the UPS or generator that allows it to be remotely monitored. Our servers will always monitor your UPSs and generators and record all essential data and specified alarms. Any alarm that is produced is immediately evaluated within our system which then transmits an alarm notification to your designated company contact via email. Our service team is notified and will analyse the data, and if required a service engineer will be dispatched to take care of any faults.

Key Features Of Our Remote Generator Monitoring & UPS Remote Monitoring

Monitoring Vital Systems. Remote monitoring keeps tabs on your UPS and generator systems at all times to ensure optimal efficiency. We can monitor any changes, faults or errors in your power systems before they turn into critical faults, vastly reducing any downtime and preventive maintenance costs, and keeping your customers happy. This is especially important where your clients include hospitals and healthcare providers, where critical care equipment such as incubators, kidney dialysis, respiratory and operating theatre equipment need to be functioning 24/7.

Data Security & Alarm Management. Our technical experts can train you on how to use your remote monitoring equipment and ensure you understand the necessary levels of security. This keeps all of your business critical information safe, and prevents any accidental changes with our secure multi-level network security (encryption and two-step authentication) and user-friendly system interface. Should the remote monitoring system pick up on any anomalies or preset standards, you’ll receive an alert to ensure that your generator and UPS are always working.

Advanced Monitoring Functions. As well as monitoring your UPS and generators, you can also use our remote monitoring systems for energy storage monitoring, as well as monitoring your fuel tank levels, power equipment and your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) infrastructure.

New UPS Systems With Inbuilt Remote Monitoring Functionality. If you’ve been considering a new UPS power supply system, then we strongly recommend one that has inbuilt remote monitoring capabilities. From our wide range of UPS systems including the Dale E600 Series through to the Dale E73320 (20kVA / 1,8 KW), Dale E733160 (160kVA / 128 – 160 KW) and Dale E733250 (250kVA / 200-250KW capacity) in our Dale E700 Series, at Dale Power Solutions, we have a superb range of uninterruptible power supply system’s just perfect for your business power needs.

Our UPS come with an array of advanced monitoring options, including:


Remote monitoring can provide peace of mind at nighttime, weekends and holidays, as your assets are being continuously monitored another advantage is your data is gathered which can improve the life of your battery system and performance of your UPS is tracked and analysed which means failures can be predicted and preventative action taken.

If you'd like to know more about our remote monitoring options please get in touch.

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