Energy Storage for C&I is now a reality

What is DSS®? DSS (Distributed Storage Solution) is an energy storage platform from NEC Energy Solutions enabling new advanced energy services near the grid edge.

Benefits of DSS? You decide!

Revenue Generation / Reduction of Energy Costs – Can benefit from both!

Distributed energy storage can enable more economic energy and power consumption

  • DSS® enables energy bill savings from the reduction of Triad, DUoS, Capacity Market charges
  • Enables revenue generation from STOR, EFR, FFR and other balancing tools
  • Green Energy – environmentally friendly, carbon reduction, enhances renewable energy sources such as PV/Wind generation

Why choose Dale for DSS? Simple…

  • Dale is an NEC Energy Solutions Qualified DSS® Partner and will design, install, operate and maintain DSS® energy storage units.
  • Established UK based company maintaining battery based power supplies since 1935
  • True national coverage with 24/7/365 maintenance including Dale Remote Monitoring
  • Smart technology to give you a fast return on your investment

Is DSS® for me?

…Yes. The relationship between utilities and their commercial & industrial (C&I) customers is rapidly changing: C&I enterprises are becoming electricity producers as well as consumers, and profit from actively managing the shape and timing of their energy use.

  • DSS® Distributed energy storage is empowering next-generation energy storage-based services on both sides of the electricity meter
  • Reducing energy costs and increasing resiliency for C&I enterprises
  • Improving efficiency, predictability, and dispatch-ability of distributed assets for utilities that serve them

Want to know more…

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Dale Power Solution is an independent contractor and reseller of DSS® Distributed Storage Solutions. DSS® is a registered trademark of NEC Energy Solutions

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