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Industrial AC UPS Oil, Gas and Marine Series

Complete with two operational modes, one for traditional UPS battery capacity testing and one for regenerative UPS battery capacity testing, our Oil and Gas range of AC UPS is raising the standards for secure power to critical controls and safety systems.

Oil Marine UPS
  • Meets the specifications and requirements of global offshore marine and oil & gas clients
  • Output ratings available from 5kVA to 120kVA
  • IGBT based rectifier providing high power factor low distortion sinusoidal input current
  • Isolation transformer in the rectifier input
  • Standard options for input and output voltage
  • Battery capacity test by regenerative energy recovery to the mains supply
  • Available in DC bus voltages of 220V or 372V nominal
  • Designed for ease of maintenance with plug in control cards
  • Colour TFT Touch screen display providing UPS alarm and control
  • Compatible with lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries
  • Capable of being configured for parallel operation up to 5 units
  • Pre-engineered options to meet client specifications
  • Excellent compatibility when operating with generator supplies
  • Maintenance bypass facility in separate bypass enclosure

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