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Industrial AC UPS 3:3 Series

Our UP7000 series of single phase UPS is configured with a 6 pulse thyristor-controlled charger with every element designed to match client requirements.

Single phase output AC UPS
  • Single Phase UPS
  • Output ratings available from 5kVA to 200kVA
  • Available to DC bus voltages of 220V or 372V nominal
  • 110V DC bus options available
  • TFT Touch screen display, alarm & control panel
  • Compatible with lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries
  • Capable of being configured for parallel operation up to 5 units
  • Input and output voltage options
  • Custom alarm and monitoring configuration options
  • Control and distribution options
  • Enclosure, IP and paint colour options
  • 12-pulse/IGBT charger control option
  • 110V AC output options available in 50 or 60Hz
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