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Industrial AC Modular UPS

The UP6000 range of modular UPS provides a flexible, compact and expandable UPS solution as it can be configured to provide output capability between a minimum of 1kVA to a maximum of 30kVA.

Industrial AC Modular UPS
  • Industrial switch mode AC UPS system range
  • UPS Configured from rectifier and inverter modules
  • Flexible and expandable modular system
  • Hot plug rectifier modules
  • High input power factor and efficiency
  • Low distortion near sinusoidal input current
  • Compact, power dense and small footprint solution
  • Ease of maintenance and operation
  • Redundancy with N+1 optional inverter and rectifier module arrangements
  • Remote Communications capability
  • Available in 24V, 48V, 110V and 220VDC nominal bus voltage configurations
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