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Medium Range Generator Sets

A comprehensive range of solutions for diesel generators provided to match your critical needs including service and maintenance

The medium voltage generator range is a trusted solution in critical sectors such as hospitals, refineries, petrochemical plants, the steel industry and similar areas. The equipment is reliable and durable in contrast to equipment that has been adapted. Time never stands still when it comes to power generation. Thousands of projects are designed every day in the industrial sector.


  • 1.014 – 3.630kVA Single/Three Phase Generators
  • 1,500 – 1,800 R.P.M
  • 50 & 60Hz models
  • Wide range of options built for your demands
  • Installation, Service & Maintenance available

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Our ranges

Offshore/Renewable Generators

UK Dale manufactured purpose built solutions – Up to 2MW

Heavy Range

Best for hospitals, institutions or financial organisations – 670-3,531kVA

Silent Range

The solution for guaranteed low level sound emissions – 20-501kVA

Industrial range

Continuous power for industrial, commercial & residential – 3.8-823kVA

Medium Voltage Range

Critical power supply to meet the demand – 1,013-3,426kVA

Hybrid Range

Smart Energy with more autonomy & reduced operation costs – 7.5-45kVA


How do Generators and UPS systems work together?

Generators are not a source for uninterruptible power therefore a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) bridges the gap between the two. As a critical power provider we can help you decide what is the best solution for your needs.

Do you offer service and maintenance?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive service and maintenance solution based on your requirements as a business.

Can you put a generator in a container?

Yes we can, with the range of generators we provide we have the solution to match your need.

Generator Maintenance

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