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The Benefits of Grid Resiliency

The Benefits of Grid Resiliency


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Interruption to energy supply can be caused by external factors such as grid failures due to high demand and extreme weather, as well as internal factors such as equipment failure. Grid resiliency can help to mitigate these risks, and help you better prepare for power outages and blackouts. This also reduces the amount of unscheduled downtime.

How to be more energy resilient

By storing surplus power from on-site generation, such as solar or wind power, the stored power can be instantly switched on in the event of energy supply disruptions. This means that stored energy can be used when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, and avoids consuming energy from the grid when costs are peaking.

This stored power can also contribute towards making the network more resilient by exporting energy to the Grid at times of electric system resilience stress via Demand Side Response (DSR) schemes. This supports the continued deployment of renewables, while providing an attractive additional revenue stream for businesses.


Ultimately, having stored power means your organisation is ‘always on’; you can build a reputation as a trusted energy provider, and can see greater financial returns too.

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