Dale Power Solutions has become a leader in bringing technology and engineering together to create innovative solutions.

Our Sustainability

Building a sustainable future to support continued growth

Totally committed to protecting the environment:

  • 96% of our waste is recycled 4% recovered through a waste to energy process
  • Committed to, and demonstrating a reducing carbon footprint
  • Increasing range of environmentally friendly products
  • 100% of our fleet is <130g/km CO2 emissions

Our commitment to our people is key:

  • Continuous investment in training to deliver a world-class workforce
  • Decades of national award-winning commitment to apprenticeship development

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Waste hierarchy & exploring the circular economy:

  • Our products are designed to reduce waste through efficient design with refurbishment
    processes to enable reuse and to extend useful life

Minimising the impact of transport:

  • Distributed nationwide network of 100+ engineers
  • Strategic scheduling of routine maintenance drives efficiency and carbon reduction
  • Modernisation of our fleet of vehicles to reduce carbon impact

Reducing energy consumption:

  • Dale Power’s products are specifically designed to improve efficiency and reduce energy usage and
    costs for customers while ensuring complete power security

The power sector and the energy industry is vital to the economic growth and stability of the UK. Here at Dale Power Solutions, we have been in the industry since, and have been providing clients with, reliable and efficient power generation since 1935. In that time, the industry has changed a lot. More than ever, emphasis is being placed on environmental responsibility and sustainability. Over the last twenty years in particular, the public interest in sustainable development, sustainable energy and the impact of climate change has grown massively.

As a result of this, the demand and need for renewable power is greater than ever. Power suppliers are now expected to take action and doing so is not simply a question of environmental sustainability, but of public image and economic cost too. But it isn’t always easy – if it was, everyone would be doing it.

The challenge is – and has always been – in balancing the need for future-proof and responsible energy with energy security and economic affordability. Fortunately, this is a challenge that Dale Power Solutions has always met and continues to invest into. For us, sustainability isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

From our work in the offshore and renewable energy sectors, to our own commitment to recycling our waste and reducing our carbon footprint, Dale Power Solutions has long been dedicated to doing what we can to fulfil our environmental responsibility through power generation and utilities. Our own environmental sustainability measures are a core business principle of what we do here – the entire Dale Power Solutions team is passionate about sustainability.

But sustainability isn’t just about the environment. It’s also about creating a skilled and able workforce to support the UK’s power sector in the long term. Since 1935, our reputation in the industry has continued to grow – part of this is due to our ongoing commitment to training the future of the UK’s power sector workforce. With continuous investment into world class training and a dedication to providing leading apprenticeship development, we have continued to lead the way here in the UK. In fact, Dale Power Solutions has won numerous national awards over the decades for our investment and commitment to phenomenal apprenticeships.

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Why is environmental sustainability so important in the power sector?

There’s no question that the power sector has a particular responsibility towards investing in sustainable development and renewable energy. And with public attention on these topics greater now than ever, there has never been more scrutiny on power generation and power systems to be responsible and renewable. It’s a case of future-proofing ourselves and the UK’s power sector with long term and sustainable solutions, but also a case of meeting the public’s demand for renewable energy too.

Dale Power Solutions and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sustainability, both environmental and social, is a huge part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) here at Dale Power Solutions. We are incredibly proud of our part in supporting the local community around us, as we have been for over eighty years. And we are committed as a business to continually progressing our own environmental sustainability measures.

What exactly is corporate social responsibility? Well, it’s essentially the way in which a business engages and interacts with the needs of the community and public involved in what it does. Here at Dale Power Solutions, we use our own corporate social responsibility to ensure that we maintain an excellent relationship with both our customers and the public, alongside actively contributing to the benefit of our local community socially, environmentally, and ethically.

Our commitment to the environment

Here at Dale Power Solutions, we aim to always recognise the importance and impact of our activities as a business on the environment around us – we are even in the process of developing an ‘Environmental Programme’ in order to better establish and demonstrate our full commitment to environmental sustainability. We are also an ISO 14001 accredited company, and we are always looking for new ways to improve our efficiency and renewability across all our sites in the UK. From improving water and energy efficiency, waste reduction and the reduction of dangerous or environmental damaging chemicals, to reducing our own carbon footprint and reducing emissions across our fleet, Dale Power Solutions is dedicated to improving our sustainability and meeting our environmental responsibility measures as a business.

Telephone wires
Uk train

Our commitment to the local community

One of our core principles as a business is our commitment to having a positive and beneficial relationship with our local community. For Dale Power Solutions, this means working to make a sustainable and positive impact on the various communities we operate within. We do this by working to contribute towards improving inequality issues and by progressing social development wherever possible. We do this by establishing partnerships and programmes that allow us to make the most of our employees’ skills and talents.

Dale Power Solutions actively supports the Yorkshire Coast Employability Charter. This means working with local businesses and schools in order to provide better opportunities for younger people to gain workplace experience and job market experience, while developing their skills and values as a worker and improving their employability. Part of this is the way in which Dale Power Solutions supports our STEM ambassadors in both promoting and developing STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in the local community.

Sustainable development and renewable energy means planning for the future of the power sector

Why is environmental sustainability so important in the power sector? Well, public interest in renewable power and clean energy systems has increased largely due to the growing awareness of climate change and the dangers of excessive carbon emissions. On an individual level, people are more aware of their carbon footprint than ever before. On a social level, businesses like ours here at Dale Power Solutions have a responsibility towards future-proofing the UK economy with long term and sustainable energy solutions.

Renewable energy and business sustainability is the way forward. As energy development and the power industry progress, keeping the planet healthy is a growing concern. Power companies and power producers have an ethical responsibility to invest in renewability, clean energy and sustainable models.

For continued social and business growth, there is no avoiding the importance of sustainability, whether it be environmental or otherwise. The power industry has a unique position here, and sustainability is crucial for long term growth and social responsibility. There is no question that, looking decades into the future, renewable energy will begin to take over – and it will be on the power companies and power producers to keep up with the changing demand. Here at Dale Power Solutions, we are proud of our efforts and are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by continuing to invest in our own sustainability.

renewable energy through wind turbines with dale power solutions

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Our work in the utilities and renewables sector

There can be no question that renewable resources are the way forward beyond limited sources of energy. In fact, renewable resources such as wind energy, solar power and nuclear power are already responsible for around a third of the UK’s electricity supply. Nobody can look into the future, but that doesn’t stop experts predicting that this figure could even reach 76% reliance by 2050 – meaning a complete transition from fossil fuels and limited resources to renewable energy. Of course, this kind of transition relies upon a range of political and financial decisions too – but the power sector can encourage and facilitate this change in power generation.

A fantastic example of this is the accelerated loss of mains change programme (ALoMCP), which provides energy suppliers with the funding necessary to maintain and update solar photovoltaics, hydro schemes and wind turbines with more reliable relays and power systems, reducing power failure problems across the board.

As touched on above, increasing numbers of businesses are shifting towards green energy in an attempt to establish a stronger corporate social responsibility, and to meet the public’s demand for sustainable and responsible measures. This isn’t easy to do and is often blocked by financing costs and the costs of these energy projects. Fortunately, Dale Power Solution is in a position to provide the right UPS power supplies, power generators and maintenance services in order to more efficiently and reliably shift towards more renewable energy sources.

Here at Dale Power Solutions, we have absolutely everything any business needs to establish a reliable and efficient renewable energy supply. From wind farms needing backup generators, data centres wanting to transition to green energy or anything else, Dale Power Solutions can do the job. From our offshore and renewable power generators, heavy range generators and hybrid generators to our switch mode inverters and severe environment UPS, we can offer maintenance, monitoring, installation and more – Dale Power does it all for clients in Scarborough, Carlise, Kent, London and other locations across the UK.

Why do clients choose Dale Power Solutions for their renewables and utilities?

We have become a leading provider of energy solutions in the utilities and renewables sector. Our team is available 24/7, all year long, and is backed by an award winning team of experienced experts in renewable energy. Dale Power Solutions can have your new UPS power supply or power generator up and running incredibly quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our phenomenal nationwide network of 100+ professional engineers based across the UK, we can offer an optimum call out time that guarantees timely repair of unexpected issues.

Clients choose us because they know that they can trust us to help their renewable energy generation sites reduce the risks of any power outages or failures. When you choose us, you know that your wind farm, solar photovoltaic or hydro electric site is generating renewable electricity with absolutely minimal downtime and optimum efficiency. If you need a new UPS power supply, power generator, energy storage, battery storage or anything else and you have a renewable energy site in Glasgow, Pen y Cymoedd, Scarborough, St Albans or elsewhere in the UK, then please get in touch with us today. Clean and renewable power generation is a quickly approaching future, and Dale Power Solutions is here to be your partner and support your transition to clean energy.

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Case study: Providing UPS for offshore platforms and onshore substations

We have worked with a number of clients working in offshore and renewable power, wind power and more. Recently, a client approached us needing new UPS systems for both their offshore platforms and their onshore substations for a brand new offshore wind farm energy and power project.

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We are an award winning provider of apprenticeships

Here at Dale Power Solutions, we have spent decades investing in training and award winning apprenticeships. Social mobility, employability, and supporting our young workforce with their future careers is a huge part of our corporate social responsibility and our relationship with the local communities in which we operate. This investment in creating a world class professional workforce sustains the future of the UK’s power sector while opening up opportunities for young people.

Over the years, we have won a wide range of different national awards for our apprenticeships, including:

Upon being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Promoting Opportunity, Lance Lewis, Sales & Marketing Director here at Dale Power Solutions, said:

“It is a great honour to receive a Queen’s Award, especially one that recognises our work in the local community. Our apprentices work tirelessly with local schools and training organisations, providing information and advice to young people, parents and educators. Our training programme is synonymous with our growth strategy. By investing in apprentices we can continue to grow a healthy, successful and sustainable business.”

To read more about our continuous and impactful investment into apprenticeships and the young workers in our community, take a look at our latest news. We are dedicated to doing what we can to improve the future of our young workers, providing opportunities, workplace experience, boosting employability and supporting skilled careers in the future of the UK power industry.

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Our full sustainability policy

We recognise that we have a duty to ensure that we proactively engage with the environmental and social impact of our business activities, managing these in a way that is both responsible and ethical. While we continue to provide our clients with secure and reliable power solutions and business continuity, it is important that we implement a proper sustainability policy in order to maintain our corporate social responsibility to the communities around us.

Here at Dale Power Solutions, our business faces both challenges and opportunities when it comes to our sustainability. Our commitment as part of our sustainability policy includes:

  • Ensuring that our chain or supply uses responsible environmental and social practices.
  • Ongoing investment in innovative development of our products and services.
  • Engaging in charity opportunities, local volunteering, donating resources and more to improve our social responsibility.
  • Creating a positive and trusting working environment within our business. This includes giving our employees proper access to individual growth and learning opportunities, improving their own employability and work skills.
  • Reducing our own environmental impact as a business. This includes the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality. We do this through excellent recycling and waste measures, ensuring our products and services are environmentally safe and sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint, emissions, and more.
  • Managing all risk and opportunities and ensuring that all our business activities operate responsibly and legally within the law.
  • Ensuring that we report responsibly on our sustainability performance every year.

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