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As you would expect from a leading critical power supply company Dale Power Solutions are an employer of engineers who are OFTEC registered.

Act now to avoid multiple substantial fines! Environmental obligations are a serious matter whether facing the Oil Storage Regulations for businesses, ISO 14001 or any other Pollution Prevention Guidelines in which:

"If you pollute, you could get an unlimited fine, go to prison for up to 5 years, or both. You may also have to pay for the whole cost of the clean-up.

There could be further costs such as paying compensation to third parties, higher insurance premiums or loss of contracts."

When a site stores fuel an annual OFTEC inspection is highly advised to ensure you can demonstrate that you have taken every precaution against leakage, which is why Dale Power Solutions engineers are the right provider for your needs having the knowledge of both generator and fuel tank requirements.


Why Choose Dale Power?

Maintaining the critical power supply in any modern work situation is absolutely crucial as we have a high level of reliance on technology.

  • Avoid costly fines and clean up charges now! With fines and clean up bills exceeding £8M in recent times an OFTEC inspection seems a small price to pay
  • Ensuring First Rate Annual Protection. Peace of mind knowing that we are stringently audited by OFTEC meaning our standards remain first rate and engineers are trained to the latest legislation's
  • Cost saving on multiple works. Our engineers are geared to take on not only the assessment but also generator maintenance, service and fuel management such as cleaning when required
  • Innovation through experience. With a high level of experience in critical power and the ability to listen to our engineers and customers we provide intelligent reporting to meet the digital needs of all parties


What is an OFTEC inspection?

OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) is the industry body that governs the assessment and certification of fuel storage and associated pipework.

An OFTEC Inspection concerning the fuel tank is an assessment of the tank and pipework ensuring the health and safety of individuals and the environment. By carrying out such an inspection by a qualified engineer you are minimising the risks and associated penalties.

How often do I need an OFTEC inspection?

OFTEC inspections should be carried out annually and we suggest timing the inspection with regular servicing or maintenance as this can save your company money against multiple call outs. Upon a pass the OFTEC certificate is valid for 5 years.

Who carries out the OFTEC inspection?

Only competent OFTEC registered engineers/technicians conduct inspections at Dale Power Solutions. 

What are the penalties I can face for not having an OFTEC inspection?

Severe actions can be taken against companies that have not complied to regulations including fines, associated costs of production loss and cleaning and imprisonment. These are based on several factors concerning the overall damage of the spill, number of litres spilt and the duration it took place and of course the direct and indirect impact on the environment. Records have seen fines reach in the region of c£8M in recent years.

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