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Generator Service & Maintenance

At Dale Power Solutions, we understand the critical role of Generator Service & Maintenance.

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, our trusted engineers are on hand 24/7 and fully equipped to service, interrogate and repair equipment from almost any OEM.

Why Choose Dale Power?

  • 4 hour Generator related call-out response time availability, 365 days a year
  • National coverage with on/off-shore maintenance reach
  • Regular Management Information (MI) with true maintenance reporting
  • All generator makes and models covered by experienced expert staff 
  • Accurate real-time reporting via the Dale Field Data Capture App
  • Professionally serviced and maintained in accordance with industry best practice
  • Online portal providing a smart maintenance solution with remote access to asset data, service reports & remedial works

Generator Maintenance Plans

What’s involved in a Generator contract?

Dale understand that clarity in any service is important therefore have simplified your solutions into 4 main maintenance packages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum).Please contact us for full information concerning our terms and conditions where you can see what you can expect from a leading provider in critical power.

Preventative Generator Maintenance

Wear and tear are inevitable in the lifecycle of a diesel generator due to the significance of individual components. Preventative generator maintenance is necessary to avoid the disruption caused by power downtime. We plan inspections that allow us to detect problems early and plan preventative measures, so we can make repairs at the right time.

Predictive Generator Maintenance

It is not unusual for a generator to face decreased efficiency due to damage or compromised components, which is detrimental to those whose uninterruptible power supply is critical. Our valuable experience allows us to determine when is the right time to carry out specific maintenance, preventing the need for any downtime.

Control System Maintenance

At the heart of every diesel generator is a control system, which plays a vital role in maintaining and managing your system correctly. We can manage your entire control system to ensure it is always running when required, and make alterations as is necessary. Our expert engineers use their invaluable skills to ensure that your generator’s control system is functioning as it should.

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Electrical power outages are unfortunately unavoidable and increasing in both frequency and duration. Nearly 60% of all blackouts are caused by violent storms, with 34% caused by equipment failure due to the UK’s ageing and overloaded electrical grid. Diesel generators, standby generators, emergency generators and backup generators are also on the rise – being a backup electrical system that operates automatically in the event of a power outage. By sensing a power loss, they transfer electrical load to the generator, and supply power to the system’s circuits. Playing a vital role in your business, it’s important that your generators regularly undergo generator service and generator maintenance, to ensure your generators will always work when you need them the most.

From exhaust treatments and fuel tank inspections through to load testing, control system management, fuel management and remote monitoring, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can meet all of your generator service needs. Along with the provision of spare parts such as generator fan belts, generator cooling systems and generator alternators, we can keep your diesel generators in optimum shape, and prolong their lifespan for as long as possible. Our service capabilities are delivered by a team of experienced and accredited technicians, who will ensure the upkeep and maintenance of your generator systems. Available 24/7, 365 days of the year – even an unexpected power outage won’t cause trouble for long.

To learn about our generator maintenance contracts and our generator support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We help businesses across the UK, including areas such as York, Scarborough, Kent, Glasgow and St Albans, and will discuss your needs to ensure a beneficial service, and an effective one too.

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Why Generator Maintenance Is Necessary

Generator preventive maintenance for diesel engine generators is vital in prolonging the reliability of your standby generator systems. Your generators may be a great source of power, but even they need to be regularly maintained or they will lose their reason for being, making power outages, blackouts and total loss of power more likely. A reliable, routine maintenance schedule can keep your diesel generators running at peak performance for its entire lifespan. Keeping up to date with your diesel generator will provide you with peace of mind as well as some extra assurance. This is because you will never encounter dangerous situations or major repairs that could have otherwise been avoided.

Having a well-designed and well-maintained standby power system is the best protection against utility power outages, being especially important for hospitals and other health care facilities, as well as data centres, telecommunication businesses and utility services. It is not unusual for standby generators to last for 20 or 30 years, but it does depend on how often the machine is serviced and how well maintained it is too.

Regular generator service and maintenance contracts for your diesel generators are always a safe bet, and here at Dale Power Solutions we offer 4 levels of cover. From the ‘Bronze’ package which includes an annual visit and intermediate visit where we carry out an asset review, through to our ‘Platinum’ package which involves fluid sampling, minor fault fixes, included callouts and asset management among other helpful features, our talented team can do it all. Our team specialises in the maintenance, repair and testing of all types of diesel generators, being widely experienced in managing power installation projects of all sizes and complexities too.

Therefore, whether you’re located in Kent, Liverpool, Yorkshire or Glasgow, please get in touch with Dale Power Solutions today to learn more about our generator maintenance options. We service generators across the UK, and our experience and expertise guides our process.

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Our Generator Maintenance Options

With over 100 dedicated service personnel located across the UK, Dale Power Solutions is determined to keep your power supply system running at optimum efficiency. To this end, we provide clients with an extensive generator service and generator maintenance programme for diesel generators, as well as UPS power supply and gas turbine services. Regardless of whether you use a diesel generator, standby generator, industrial generator or some other kind, wear and tear over time is unavoidable, and therefore, we use planned preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance to ensure repairs are carried out with minimal disruption to your facility and business.

Should an emergency breakdown occur, we strive for rapid response generator maintenance. Remote monitoring of your power continuity systems allows our engineers to maintain your diesel generators, and, where needed, take immediate action and reduce response time. Ranging from standard maintenance and repairs to load bank testing and control system management, our generator repair service can maintain everything from silent generators to whole fleets of Himoinsa generators.

Our generator service and maintenance can include:

Equipment Upgrades, Generator Upgrades & New Diesel Generators

Generator equipment upgrades are also a superb way to prolong your generator’s working life, as is the introduction of new generators, and generator upgrades into your fleet. From the configuration of your equipment before it’s dispatched, right the way through to on-site installation and optimisation, Dale Power Solutions provides a comprehensive installation and commissioning service for our diesel generators, as well as our UPS power supply. Our service engineers can either work alone on your project, or alongside your plant engineering staff, to reduce the costs and to enable knowledge transfer. This will be commissioned safely and delivered on time, with minimal disruption to your business.

We will conduct a complete site assessment including access, space and floor loadings. We will then organise delivery and placement of your power system, arranging special lifting and carnage if required. We will take care of all the electrical and mechanical work that is needed.

During the commissioning process our experienced and highly skilled engineers will fully test the complete power protection systems operation to ensure that your system is tuned to provide you with maximum efficiency of your plants operation. Our service engineers will work in accordance with factory issued commissioning procedures and written method statement.

Diesel Generator Upgrades & Diesel Generator Systems.

At Dale Power Solutions, comprehensive upgrades are available for diesel generators to allow you to get the most out of your system when you need it the most. Upgrade options include, but are not limited to; the diesel engine, fuel system, alternator, control system, ventilation, anti-acoustic and anti-vibration configurations, maintenance access and canopy/container accommodation.

We also have a fantastic range of diesel generators that you can choose from, should you wish to expand your fleet, or if your generator is coming to the end of its lifespan. Whether it be custom built or from Himoinsa’s medium voltage generators and silent generators through to Himoinsa’s heavy range diesel generators and generators for offshore and onshore renewable power, our range is extensive, and we can advise on the right diesel generator for you.

In need of a generator service? Feel a new generator maintenance plan could benefit your business? Whether you’re located in Scarborough, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff, we provide generator maintenance solutions to power sites across the UK, so we know we can provide you with a suitable solution too. We recommend contacting us today on 0330 999 3000 to discuss our range of options and how we can help you further.

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The Benefits of Generator Maintenance

There are many generator maintenance benefits, including:

  • Keeps your operations running smoothly: Because you rely on your diesel generator, emergency generator or backup generator during times of unexpected power loss, you need to ensure that your generator is working properly – especially when you need it the most. Routine generator maintenance will guarantee that your system is ready to keep the lights on during an outage or emergency.
  • You save money: When you have your generator serviced by Dale Power Solutions, it saves you money in the long run. Putting off routine maintenance and ignoring issues may save you money short term, but when your generator breaks down and fails to work when you need it most, you’ll be looking at costly repairs that could have been easily avoided.
  • Helps fueling: Fueling issues are common among generators that aren’t properly maintained. Clogs, dead batteries, and algae buildup are all common power issues that can negatively affect your machine without professional maintenance. With regular fuel polishing and fuel maintenance, your generators won’t be susceptible to such concerns.
  • Increased efficiency and longer lifespan: Professional maintenance will help your generators function at peak performance. This will help your system work for years to come, prolonging their lifespan, and the benefits they bring to your business and facility.

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Why Choose Dale Power Solutions

Interested in learning more about our generator service and generator maintenance contracts? Want to learn more about how we can help? We can help sites in areas such as Kent, London, Gwynt y Môr and Carlisle, so whether you’re after generator maintenance, genset maintenance, generator service and repairs or something more specific, please contact Dale Power Solutions today and we’ll be only too happy to help.

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How often should I have my generator serviced?

Without proper maintenance, generators can fall prey to failures and power outages. Generator manufacturers generally recommend that a generator should be serviced after the first year of installation and on an annual basis there on after. We also suggest carrying out regular visual inspections to keep on top of any faults within your generator that may require maintenance sooner than anticipated.

Factors that may result in more frequent maintenance include:

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures and weather can damage components of the generator. 
  • Airborne contaminants such as dust and sand may infiltrate the generator, causing damage to its internal components.
  • Excess usage: Most diesel generators are designed to provide backup power. Should a standby generator be used for prime power, care should be taken to ensure the generator is inspected frequently and only used for as long as it is required.
  • Lack of usage: Similarly, if a generator is left dormant longer than expected, engine exercise should be carried out to avoid battery failure.

What happens if I don’t get my generator serviced?

There are many benefits of getting your generator serviced on an annual basis, and these include:

  • Ensuring your generator works when you need it the most: The last thing you need is to find out your generator doesn’t work when there is a power outage. Regular generator maintenance will ensure you know your generator is working and will serve you well if/when the power decides to stop working.
  • Lessens fuel problems: Fuel problems can be a real problem if left untreated. Over time, algae can build up in the fuel system, fuel injectors can become clogged and batteries can die. With regular maintenance you can help to avoid such problems and stop them from permanently damaging your generator.
  • Saves you money in the long run: If your generator stopped working without your realisation and the electricity was to go down too, your potential losses could be costly. Not only would you lose money as a business, you may even have to spend money replacing your generator.
  • Will keep your critical power equipment running for longer: Generators that aren’t serviced regularly tend to have shorter life spans than ones which are. Generator maintenance can determine any equipment issues and predict when end of life replacements will be needed.
  • Generator efficiency: With generator maintenance, all parts will be checked and tested and the system will be cleaned from potentially damaging dirt, debris or algae. This will make your diesel generator, natural gas generator or LPG generator far more efficient, and could end up saving you money in the long run too. 

Ultimately, without generator maintenance, your business, site or facility could suffer losses that may be difficult to come back from.

What does generator maintenance involve?

At Dale Power Solutions, our generator maintenance includes everything from exhaust treatment and OFTEC qualified fuel tank inspections, through to fuel management and radiator cleaning. What’s more, we can provide you with load bank testing to ensure your standby generator can operate at its optimum kW output, as well as control system management and remote monitoring services that allow us access to your generator from afar so that we can make critical decisions should an issue occur. Should you ever be in need of generator parts, we can help there too, and can supply spares such as batteries, chargers, engine heads and relays – including those that comply with the ALoMCP.

What is load bank testing?

Load bank testing is typically carried out during preventive maintenance, and is a way of validating the correct operational performance and battery autonomy of your generator. Testing this under load conditions, a load test can determine battery condition and when they are approaching their end of working life, not holding a charge or are about to fail. This allows a load bank tester to replace them in advance of breakdown or failure, ensuring that critical power supply is always available.

A load bank test will provide timely identification of problems with the generator and an indication of remedial actions that should be taken. In the case of a standby generator, a load bank test will indicate the engine’s ability to provide the required power; the alternator’s capability to provide the required voltage stability; stable frequency; efficiency of control systems under varying conditions of load; performance of the whole system; oil and fuel pressure. It will also help remove deposits from pistons, engine castings and exhausts, identify potential weaknesses, record results and any work that needs to be done.

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