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Lifetime Care | UPS and Generator Continuity

At Dale Power Solutions we have listened to our customers and share their concerns that’s why we have introduced our ‘Lifetime Care’, a policy that delivers smart, seamless solutions to those customers that rely on secure backup power from their UPS and/or generators.

This policy ensures that your back up products deliver that power every time you need it, even when your back up systems are getting past their best, product longevity can be increased by an on-going, no hassle maintenance programme of continuous care.

Why Choose Dale Power?

Maintaining the critical power supply in any modern work situation is absolutely crucial as we have a high level of reliance on technology.

Imagine not being able to operate IT infrastructure, machinery, lights, heating systems, for those who have experienced it they will say it is impossible to achieve anything and everything and everyone is left helpless and idle. This results in a significant loss of effectiveness and a high cost.

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How does Lifetime Care work?

Our national network of engineers assess the product upon arrival. If an immediate fix on site cannot be made we will replace the model with a Dale alternative of the same or higher specification and take the existing model away for repair, refurbishment or replacement. Simple.

What does Lifetime Care cover?

All UPS and some generator products and parts under the standard terms and conditions, for more information see our standard terms and conditions.

How long does the plan cover my product(s) for?

All Dale UPS systems and parts are covered by a standard 12 months after installation, other parts are covered according to our terms up to 10 years under optimum conditions

I already have a maintenance contract, why do I need Lifetime Care?

Maintenance contracts are exactly that, they extend the lifespan of the product and ensure an optimum performance. If however a product reaches the stage where this is not possible a replacement will be required.

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