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Generator Rental

One of the most silent ranges available on the market

Hire / Rental

We offer a comprehensive range of diesel generators for hire from 7.5kVA right through to a multi–megawatt installation with full project management support. We can synchronise multiple generator sets together to supply multi–megawatt temporary power facilities.

Our rental range of generators all come packaged in either ISO containers or weather–proof canopies, complete with the very latest electronic control systems built in. This range is one of the most silent on the market, offering silent and super silent diesel generators, with exemplary low sound readings.

Emergency hire service 24 /7/ 365

Our emergency generator hire service is in place to ensure that the power you need reaches you wherever and whenever you need it. Unlike our competitors, we have a dedicated team of personnel who are always on standby 24/7 to deal with your emergency generator hire needs.


Complete Hire Package

Our generators are designed for use over a wide range of industries and applications. Our ranges of containerised generators are used at sporting events and entertainment events, or civil engineering projects and large scale construction, by manufacturers and via electrical distribution network operatives.

Complete hire packages and installation Generators from 7.5kVA to 3300kVA which can be paralleled to provide even more power

  • Genuine 24/7, 365 day response
  • Dedicated response team with instant contact to a member of staff
  • Disaster recovery team

Emergency generator installation single phase UPS are available from 200VA, and three phase from 10kVA. Complete with a user friendly interface, all of our UPS for hire come packed full of features ranging from eco modes to surge protection.


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