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Fuel Management

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, we know how destructive downtime can be, which is why we offer fuel management to monitor and prevent your diesel from becoming contaminated. At Dale Power Solutions, our expert engineers are on hand 24/7 and are fully equipped to manage your fuel in accordingly.

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Fuel Management Services

Diesel Check Fuel Testing

Using the latest technology, our trained experts take samples of fuel from the whole tank, not just from the top and bottom. We then create a comprehensive report that is simple to understand with recommendations for treatment to keep your fuel clean from contaminants.

Clear Tank Cleaning Service

Our tank cleaning service removes all forms of contamination, rendering the fuel clean and dry. It removes all forms of contaminants including water, particulate and microbial contamination. Continued protection against films and bacteria known as diesel bug will ensure that your fuel is always clean.

Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing provides long-term protection against contaminants, offering continuous protection against water, microbial growth and particulate contamination through single and multi-stage filtration. This preserves the quality of the fuel, allowing your equipment to run efficiently and reliably.

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What is fuel management?

Fuel management is necessary for the upkeep of your fuel, as diesel can often be subject to contamination over time. Our trained engineers can determine whether your fuel is in fact contaminated and how it can be prevented in the future. It is just as important to maintain your fuel as it is your generator, as your fuel could jeopardise the efficiency of the whole system.

What does fuel polishing involve?

Fuel polishing involves a number of steps, all of which help to keep your secure power solution at optimum performance.

  • Regular Sampling and Testing – Fuel sampling on site to access fuel cleanliness and fuel quality.
  • Fuel Treatment – Identify and deliver the most appropriate solution to bring your fuel back to optimum condition.
  • Fuel Storage and Handling Procedures – Advise on handling and storage including tank cleaning, testing, repair and replacement.
  • Fuel Maintenance – Fuel polishing systems are available to suit any tank in any application. All systems operate “stand alone” with basic 24/7 digital timers or advanced remote control and monitoring.

What happens if my fuel becomes contaminated?

It is a common misconception that fuel can be stored in bulk for long periods without requiring any maintenance. However, this is simply not true. Like most substances, fuel can easily become contaminated when left for a considerable amount of time. Microbes can be particularly troublesome and if left untreated, the contaminated fuel could jeopardise the performance of your generator and ultimately lead to power downtime.

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