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Fuel Management

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, we know how destructive downtime can be, which is why we offer fuel management to monitor and prevent your diesel from becoming contaminated. At Dale Power Solutions, our expert engineers are on hand 24/7 and are fully equipped to manage your fuel in accordingly.

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Fuel Management Services

Diesel Check Fuel Testing

Using the latest technology, our trained experts take samples of fuel from the whole tank, not just from the top and bottom. We then create a comprehensive report that is simple to understand with recommendations for treatment to keep your fuel clean from contaminants.

Clear Tank Cleaning Service

Our tank cleaning service removes all forms of contamination, rendering the fuel clean and dry. It removes all forms of contaminants including water, particulate and microbial contamination. Continued protection against films and bacteria known as diesel bug will ensure that your fuel is always clean.

Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing provides long-term protection against contaminants, offering continuous protection against water, microbial growth and particulate contamination through single and multi-stage filtration. This preserves the quality of the fuel, allowing your equipment to run efficiently and reliably.

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It’s a common misconception that diesel fuel can be stored in bulk for long periods of time without any need for fuel maintenance or fuel polishing. In fact, many independent fuel studies have shown that diesel fuel begins to deteriorate and form solids within 60-90 days after refining – leading to contamination such as sludge, algae, diesel bug and large water particles. Fuel consumption such as this can infiltrate and damage generator engines, generator filters and your generator tank, causing clogged filters, excessive exhaust smoke and damaged fuel injectors, hindering its power performance. If your generator is your backup or emergency source of power, then diesel fuel management is a must for your business or facility, and is something that we here at Dale Power Solutions specialise in.

Our four step fuel management programme includes Diesel Check, ClearTank fuel cleaning, Diesel Defence fuel polishing and ADV fuel stabilisation for the ultimate in diesel fuel and fuel tank protection. When our fuel management system is complete, your generator’s fuel will be clean, dry and raring to go, boosting business processes and aiding power generation no end. Backed by a team of fuel management experts, your diesel fuel will have never worked better.

We provide fuel management services to businesses across the UK, in locations including Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow, as well as Manchester, Scarborough and St Albans. Therefore, if you’re in need of fuel polishing, fuel maintenance or fuel tank cleaning, please contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

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Why Is Fuel Management Important?

When it comes to continuous power supply, emergency generators and backup generators are the single best way to be prepared for any situation – whether that’s a blackout, power surge or power spike. Should a power outage occur, your generator will kick in, ensuring your power supply isn’t out for long, and business operations can get back to normal, as soon as possible. However, clean diesel fuel is needed to keep your generator in check, ensuring generator performance and efficient power supply. Unfortunately, contaminated fuel affects all diesel engines and diesel generators, causing last damage if not dealt with appropriately. Sludge, algae, and other dirty solids contaminate the diesel fuel, and this can ruin a diesel engine. As time goes by, naturally accumulating particulates also increase in size and mass, filling the filtration equipment, fuel tanks, and other fuel system components. Further, in humid environments, water will condensate inside open spaces in the fuel tank, affecting diesel fuel quality.

To avoid diesel fuel contamination, we here at Dale Power Solutions offer an extensive fuel cleaning service, which comprises diesel fuel sampling, diesel fuel testing, diesel fuel polishing and fuel additives among other diesel fuel management services. As a result, fuel tanks are left clean, combustion is improved, carbon deposits are eliminated, and there is a reduction in harmful emissions. Lower fuel consumption is another advantage of diesel fuel filtration too.

An important part of your power supply operation – diesel fuel management is a must where continuous power supply is a must.

What Is Diesel Fuel Management?

Your diesel engine relies on having pure, clean diesel fuel for efficient and reliable running. The ultra-fine tolerances and high fuel injection pressures of today’s diesel fuel systems mean

they are extremely sensitive to any fuel quality problems or contamination. Fuel borne contaminants can come in a number of forms and from a variety of sources, but all will cause your engines, generators and pumps to fail. When loss of power is not an option, your only option is to invest in a diesel fuel management programme that will keep your generator safe, your fuel clean and your power equipment fully operational. Diesel fuel management involves the monitoring, sampling and testing of your generator’s diesel fuel, to check for contaminants that could hinder power performance. If contaminants are present, diesel fuel management will advance to the fuel cleaning and fuel polishing stages, which involves progressively removing any water, sediment, and microbial contamination through advanced filtration. To prolong the effects, fuel additives can also be added.

Diesel fuel management is a multi-layered process that truly improves the lifespan of your generator, fuel tank and related equipment. If you’re in need of diesel fuel management then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We support businesses with their fuel management needs across the UK, in areas including Liverpool, London, Scarborough and Kent, so we are certain we can help you too.


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Our Fuel Management Options

When it comes to your generator, we know how stressful blocked filters and damaged fuel injectors can be, especially when they are caused by diesel contaminants such as water, diesel bug and solid particles. Fuel contaminants can ultimately cause your generator engine to fail, reducing power supply to key power supply equipment. With Dale Power Solutions specialist fuel conditioning programme, you can be certain that your fuel is being taken care of safely, and will aid generator functionality. Our four step fuel management system comprises Diesel Check, ClearTank fuel cleaning, Diesel Defence fuel polishing and ADV fuel stabilisation (ADV Predator and ADV Regulator), which will keep your fuel in tip top shape and your generators working efficiently, and without cause for concern.

Our Fuel Management System Includes:

Diesel Check Fuel Testing: Our Diesel Check Fuel Testing tests the fuel that’s in your tank to determine a diagnosis. Using the latest fuel testing technology, we take fuel samples from the whole of your fuel tank – rather than just the top and bottom of your fuel tank – to get a full picture of your fuel management, diesel fuel polishing and fuel tank needs. We’ll then provide you with a comprehensive report that’s simple to understand and includes recommendations – such as our fuel polishing system, if required. If your fuel is found to be contaminated, we’ll suggest our ClearTank fuel cleaning solution, followed by our fuel polishing system.

ClearTank Fuel Cleaning: Our ClearTank Fuel Cleaning service can remove all forms of contamination, rendering your fuel clean, dry and ready to power your generators. It removes water contamination to below 200 parts per mission as defined by the EN 590, particulate contamination so that your fuel meets the 18/16/13 cleanliness standards set by ISO 4406, and microbial contamination removing the films and bacteria collectively known as diesel bug. Therefore, our fuel cleaning system not only cleanses your fuel, but ensures it meets important industry standards too.

Because we understand that treating fuel could unsettle some of your customers and staff, when we carry out our ClearTank Fuel Cleaning service, we operate from a discretely marked van, to avoid any misinterpretation, or concern that there’s something wrong with your generators, power supply or power generation equipment.

Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing: Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing provides long term protection for your fuel by continuously removing water, microbial growth and particulates. Through single and multi-stage diesel fuel filtration, our diesel fuel polishing equipment preserves diesel fuel quality to surpass international standards and ensures your power supply equipment has the key fuel it needs to run reliably.

Our diesel fuel polishing system comprises the following steps:

ADV Fuel Stabilisation: We will lastly add ADV Predator and ADV Regulator to your fuel – to keep it bug free and starve bacteria of the ingredients they need to grow.

ADV Predator kills microbial activity before it blocks a polishing unit’s filters. ADV Predator is a diesel fuel biocide that can be used as a shock treatment to protect against bacteria, yeast and moulds. It is completely soluble in petroleum fuels (including biofuels) and partially soluble in water, allowing it to target the bacteria in both the diesel and water phases.

ADV Regulator is a multi-functional diesel fuel stabiliser, specially formulated to provide long term benefits for stored diesel fuel and gas oil. As well as providing enhanced oxidation stability of diesel and inhibiting fuel deterioration, ADV Regulator also provides other benefits such as improved fuel economy, improved engine performance and reduced emissions.

Generator failure can be expensive, but diesel fuel protection doesn’t have to be. Our fuel conditioning programme comprises everything from diesel fuel testing and diesel fuel polishing through to fuel tank contamination cleaning and ADV fuel stabilisation. Our fuel management system will see your business right, as will our diesel fuel experts at Dale Power Solutions. Therefore, if you’re looking for fuel management, diesel fuel polishing or fuel tank protection and are located across the UK in areas including Manchester, Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Cardiff or Kent, then please contact us today to learn more about our fuel management systems and services, and how we can best provide them to you.

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Diesel Fuel Management Benefits

Having an effective diesel fuel management programme in place offers many benefits, and these include:

Greater fuel economy, improved generator engine performance and reduced fuel emissions are other benefits of our diesel fuel management system, leading to more sustainable operations – both financially and environmentally.

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We provide the benchmark in fuel management solutions for a vast range of markets, including: finance, data centres, marine and healthcare. From diesel fuel sampling and fuel cleaning through to diesel fuel polishing and diesel fuel treatment, at Dale Power Solutions, we can do it all, and are only too happy to help. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fuel management solution, and you are located in the UK, in areas such as Scarborough, Liverpool, London or Cardiff, then please get in touch with us today.

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What is fuel management?

Fuel management is necessary for the upkeep of your fuel, as diesel can often be subject to contamination over time. Our trained engineers can determine whether your fuel is in fact contaminated and how it can be prevented in the future. It is just as important to maintain your fuel as it is your generator, as your fuel could jeopardise the efficiency of the whole system.

What does fuel polishing involve?

Fuel polishing involves a number of steps, all of which help to keep your secure power solution at optimum performance.

  • Regular Sampling and Testing – Fuel sampling on site to access fuel cleanliness and fuel quality.
  • Fuel Treatment – Identify and deliver the most appropriate solution to bring your fuel back to optimum condition.
  • Fuel Storage and Handling Procedures – Advise on handling and storage including tank cleaning, testing, repair and replacement.
  • Fuel Maintenance – Fuel polishing systems are available to suit any tank in any application. All systems operate “stand alone” with basic 24/7 digital timers or advanced remote control and monitoring.

What happens if my fuel becomes contaminated?

It is a common misconception that fuel can be stored in bulk for long periods without requiring any maintenance. However, this is simply not true. Like most substances, fuel can easily become contaminated when left for a considerable amount of time. Microbes can be particularly troublesome and if left untreated, the contaminated fuel could jeopardise the performance of your generator and ultimately lead to power downtime.

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