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Remote Generator & UPS Monitoring

Keeping your UPS or generator running is of vital importance, but it’s not always easy to check without the right software. Ensure that your systems are functioning properly with remote monitoring from Dale Power Solutions. With over 80 years in the industry, our expert monitoring services give you access to essential information through a user-friendly interface.

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When you install UPS power supplies and generators, you are connecting critical power systems that form a key part of your business continuity plan and power critical infrastructure. Keeping your UPS and generators running is of vital importance, but it’s not always easy to check without the right software. Without remote monitoring, power issues lack early detection, making downtime, power outages and blackouts response solutions more likely. With remote monitoring, we can keep track of and test your UPSs and generators, so that you’re always on step ahead, and can mitigate any risk with ease and efficiency.

From tracking UPS performance and predicting potential generator failures through to accessing key parameters such as your generator’s oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage sensor and power output, there’s no end to our remote monitoring capabilities. Our remote generator monitoring systems and remote UPS monitoring systems can instantaneously notify you of any errors in your mission critical infrastructure, as well as monitor your fuel tank levels, power equipment and your HVAC infrastructure. Along with providing detailed full condition reports that can form the basis of new business strategies, we ensure the constant availability of your power system – 24/7, 365 days of the year.

With Dale Power Solutions by your side, you have peace of mind knowing that your generators and UPSs are being monitored by true technical professionals, and that should any issue occur, that we can fix things remotely or be onsite to fix issues quickly and safely. Therefore, if you’re looking for remote generator monitoring or remote UPS monitoring and are located across the UK in cities including York, Liverpool, London, Scarborough or Glasgow, please get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

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The Importance of Remote Generator Monitoring & Remote UPS Monitoring

Remote generator monitoring and remote UPS monitoring is there to ensure your site’s critical load is protected by diligent, experienced and trained personnel, even when your facility is unmanned. A swift and dependable planned maintenance service is the best way to maintain high system uptime for your UPSs’ and generators’ lifecycle, and here at Dale Power Solutions, we can monitor multiple sites, systems, alarms, fault signals and fuel systems allowing us to act fast should we need to. Along with preventing faults and avoiding any human error, remote generator monitoring and remote UPS monitoring can also offer access to all of your system data at all times and offer problem analysis and resolution, for the ultimate in power protection.

Remote monitoring can also:

  • Access vital operating parameters such as oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, power output, diesel levels, engine run time and engine RPM.
  • Remotely start and stop your generator in the field from any location, reducing the need for expensive on-site visits from your end.
  • Notify you when fuel levels reach a predetermined level or if there are any fuel theft attempts. These real-time notifications can be sent via SMS or email, RSS feed.

Remote monitoring takes the pressure off and provides full service monitoring solutions.

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Our Remote Monitoring Options

Our remote monitoring process starts with your UPS or generator being fitted with an SNMP (Simple Network Management Portal) card, which, when installed, communicates to the host, extracting information from the UPS or generator that allows it to be remotely monitored. Our servers will always monitor your UPSs and generators and record all essential data and specified alarms. Any alarm that is produced is immediately evaluated within our system which then transmits an alarm notification to your designated company contact via email. Our service team is notified and will analyse the data, and if required a service engineer will be dispatched to take care of any faults.

Key Features Of Our Remote Generator Monitoring & UPS Remote Monitoring

Monitoring Vital Systems

Remote monitoring keeps tabs on your UPS and generator systems at all times to ensure optimal efficiency. We can monitor any changes, faults or errors in your power systems before they turn into critical faults, vastly reducing any downtime and preventive maintenance costs, and keeping your customers happy. This is especially important where your clients include hospitals and healthcare providers, where critical care equipment such as incubators, kidney dialysis, respiratory and operating theatre equipment need to be functioning 24/7.

Data Security & Alarm Management

Our technical experts can train you on how to use your remote monitoring equipment and ensure you understand the necessary levels of security. This keeps all of your business critical information safe, and prevents any accidental changes with our secure multi-level network security (encryption and two-step authentication) and user-friendly system interface. Should the remote monitoring system pick up on any anomalies or preset standards, you’ll receive an alert to ensure that your generator and UPS are always working.

Advanced Monitoring Functions

As well as monitoring your UPS and generators, you can also use our remote monitoring systems for energy storage monitoring, as well as monitoring your fuel tank levels, power equipment and your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) infrastructure.

New UPS Systems With Inbuilt Remote Monitoring Functionality

If you’ve been considering a new UPS power supply system, then we strongly recommend one that has inbuilt remote monitoring capabilities. From our wide range of UPS systems including the Dale E600 Series through to the Dale E73320 (20kVA / 1,8 KW), Dale E733160 (160kVA / 128 – 160 KW) and Dale E733250 (250kVA / 200-250KW capacity) in our Dale E700 Series, at Dale Power Solutions, we have a superb range of uninterruptible power supply system’s just perfect for your business power needs.

Our UPS come with an array of advanced monitoring options, including:

  • Relay Alarms Card: Isolated, volt-free dry contacts indicate the UPS operating status and the presence of alarm conditions. Opto-isolated inputs allow the UPS to be controlled remotely.
  • RS232 Serial Port: The UPS operating parameters can be observed and controlled locally using an RS232 communications port.
  • SNMP Network Card: Enables monitoring and control of the UPS remote operation by LAN or Internet connection. Allows the remote execution of scheduled events and the shutdown / reboot of the UPS and multiple servers. Full event log and data management. Real time notification of changes in UPS system status reported to users by SMS or e-mail. Software supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Free BSD and VM Ware operating systems. Accepts environmental monitoring inputs (temperature, humidity, water, smoke, security sensors).

Remote Monitoring & Custom Design UPS

Our highly-skilled and experienced engineering and technical support team can custom build AC UPS and DC UPS products to provide a rugged UPS with a reliable and efficient secure power solution. We can incorporate remote communications with this to suit your needs, such as status and alarm monitoring relay contacts, as well as communication protocols (e.g. MODBUS, PROFIBUS and SNMP).

On the lookout for a remote monitoring system for your generator or UPS, or interested in a new UPS altogether? We recommend contacting us today on 0330 999 3000 to discuss our range of options and how we can help you further.

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The Benefits of Remote Generator Monitoring & UPS Remote Monitoring

By using Dale Power Solutions remote monitoring system (sentry) and a receptive and high level of after sales, remote generator monitoring and remote UPS monitoring offers many benefits, including:

With all these benefits and more, remote generator monitoring and remote UPS monitoring can ensure optimal performance and business continuity. If you’re looking for remote monitoring solutions and are located at sites including Scarborough, St Albans, Glasgow or Pen y Cymoedd, then please speak to us today to learn more about our remote generator monitoring and remote UPS monitoring options.

Why Businesses Trust In Dale

Have any further questions regarding remote monitoring or remote configuration? Want to learn more about how we can help? We can help sites in areas such as Kent, London, Gwynt y Môr and Carlisle, so whether you’re after remote generator monitoring or remote UPS monitoring, please contact Dale Power Solutions today for the ultimate in power protection.

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Remote Monitoring Options

Monitor Vital Systems On the Go

Keep an eye on your UPS and generator systems at all times to ensure that they are operating efficiently. Discover any changes, faults or errors in the system before they develop to a critical fault, letting you reduce any downtime and maintenance costs, so you can avoid running with an emergency generator rental. View system statistics with ease on a laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Data Security & Alarm Management

Get trained by our technicians on how to use our remote monitoring system and discover the vigorous levels of security. Keep all of your data safe and prevent any accidental changes with our secure multi-level network security complemented by the user-friendly interface. Alarm management sends an alert when fuel reserves meet a set level, ensuring that you are always powered.

Additional Functionalities

Alongside the essential functions of your USP and generator systems, you can use this platform to monitor other systems for a greater understanding of how everything is running. Keep an eye on fuel tank levels, power monitoring equipment and your HVAC infrastructure, whilst being able to power up generators in the field remotely.

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What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring systems allow you to check up on your USP and generator systems from a computer or smart device from a remote location. Your device connects to the system to offer reports and data on the functionality of your UPSs and generators. Featured functions include checking vital systems, turning generators in the field on and off and viewing various statistics.

Why do I need remote monitoring?

Having constant access to vital statistics on efficiency, fuel tank levels, power monitoring equipment and HVAC infrastructure keeps you in the know at all times. Our system lets you spot any faults, errors or changes in the system, changing a system-shutdown level fault to a minor repair, stopping any potential downtime.

Why is remote monitoring so important?

To ensure that all systems are running at optimum levels, it’s imperative to have a system that lets you easily monitor and control your USP’s or generator’s performance. Remote monitoring allows you to keep an eye out for any potential faults before they occur, drastically reducing downtime and any repair costs.

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