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Remote Generator & UPS Monitoring

Keeping your UPS or generator running is of vital importance, but it’s not always easy to check without the right software. Ensure that your systems are functioning properly with remote monitoring from Dale Power Solutions. With over 80 years in the industry, our expert monitoring services give you access to essential information through a user-friendly interface.

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Remote Monitoring Options

Monitor Vital Systems On the Go

Keep an eye on your UPS and generator systems at all times to ensure that they are operating efficiently. Discover any changes, faults or errors in the system before they develop to a critical fault, letting you reduce any downtime and maintenance costs, so you can avoid running with an emergency generator rental. View system statistics with ease on a laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Data Security & Alarm Management

Get trained by our technicians on how to use our remote monitoring system and discover the vigorous levels of security. Keep all of your data safe and prevent any accidental changes with our secure multi-level network security complemented by the user-friendly interface. Alarm management sends an alert when fuel reserves meet a set level, ensuring that you are always powered.

Additional Functionalities

Alongside the essential functions of your USP and generator systems, you can use this platform to monitor other systems for a greater understanding of how everything is running. Keep an eye on fuel tank levels, power monitoring equipment and your HVAC infrastructure, whilst being able to power up generators in the field remotely.

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UPS Maintenance

Avoid the disruption caused by downtime with planned inspections to detect problems ensuring preventative maintenance on your UPS.

UPS Installation & Commissioning

UPS Installation & Commissioning

Our engineers have the experience and capability to safely install UPS systems to the customer’s specification. Installation can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

Remote Monitoring

With Dale Power Solutions remote monitoring platform you can easily monitor and control your UPS, energy storage or generator performance.


What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring systems allow you to check up on your USP and generator systems from a computer or smart device from a remote location. Your device connects to the system to offer reports and data on the functionality of your UPSs and generators. Featured functions include checking vital systems, turning generators in the field on and off and viewing various statistics.

Why do I need remote monitoring?

Having constant access to vital statistics on efficiency, fuel tank levels, power monitoring equipment and HVAC infrastructure keeps you in the know at all times. Our system lets you spot any faults, errors or changes in the system, changing a system-shutdown level fault to a minor repair, stopping any potential downtime.

Why is remote monitoring so important?

To ensure that all systems are running at optimum levels, it’s imperative to have a system that lets you easily monitor and control your USP’s or generator’s performance. Remote monitoring allows you to keep an eye out for any potential faults before they occur, drastically reducing downtime and any repair costs.

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