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Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS)

Battery energy storage systems allow you to take full control of how and when to use energy generated from your renewable assets - be that solar, wind or others. Rather than feeding surplus energy into the grid, you can store it with our battery backups, ready for use when it suits your business or facility.

Dale Energy Storage Solutions

Our tier one energy storage systems are suitable for commercial and industrial applications as well as for grid scale projects.

From commercial and industrial buildings including data centres, manufacturing and distribution centres, hotels and transport sectors and more. Our battery energy storage solutions are designed to meet the most demanding of applications.

Ampifarm energy storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Dale's custom-designed Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) are built to the individual requirements of each site. We can build scalable systems from 50kW to multi-megawatt systems either behind or in-front of the meter.

Our smaller end systems are designed for low energy consumers and our high efficiency containerised systems are designed for organisations with higher energy usage to maximise any renewable generation and to reduce electricity purchases from the grid.

What is an energy storage system?

With demand for electricity and prices ever increasing, businesses are being challenged to find a solution to optimise on-site energy use.

A Battery Energy Storage System allows you to automatically manage when you buy your electricity; buying electricity cheaply during times of low demand thereby allowing you to consume cheap electricity when prices peak later in the day.

It can also help you maximise any solar or wind generation that you have on-site, capturing any excess to use later when renewables are not generating.

Benefits of energy storage

An energy storage system can help reduce electricity bills, create a new revenue stream for your business and reduce CO2 on your journey to Net Zero.

  • Support your EV charging infrastructure

  • Reduce increasing electricity bills

  • Support energy continuity

  • Maximise renewable energy generation

  • Create new income streams

What we do

We create tailored cost-effective Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) that can power your facility during peak pricing, maximise your renewable energy generation and help balance out the grid.


We start with a feasibility study to understand where the energy storage opportunities are for your organisation.

We look at your energy consumption, its timing and level of use.

We take into account any future strategies for energy efficiency improvements, EV charging or renewables generation.


Using our complex modelling system, we will calculate the benefits energy storage can bring to your organisation and estate. We'll present you with a cost vs benefit analysis.


A site survey is carried out to prepare a detailed final proposal ready for design and installation of your energy storage solution.


Our expert team will install and commission your new BESS. Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated throughout the whole process.


Our nationwide team of service engineers can support you with ongoing maintenance. We can help ensure the system stays operational and is optimised for your site so that you realise the full benefits.

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See how much you can save with our Energy Savings Calculator

We have designed this to give you an indicative idea of how you can reduce your energy bills with a battery energy storage system from Dale Power Solutions.

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