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Energy Storage

Energy storage systems allow you to take full control of how and when to use energy generated from your renewable assets - be that solar, wind or others. Rather than feeding surplus energy into the grid, you can store it ready for use when it suits your business or facility.

Dale Energy Storage Solutions

Our energy storage solutions are suitable for both commercial and industrial applications. From commercial buildings, residential blocks, data centres to those operating within the transport, utilities, manufacturing and distribution sectors. They are designed to meet the most demanding of applications.

Partnering with Ampowr, together we can provide a cost-effective Smart Energy Storage System that can power your energy needs and connect renewable energy sources, the grid and your facility.

Ampifarm energy storage

What is an energy storage system?

With an increasing demand for energy and prices at an all time high, businesses have been challenged to find a solution to manage their energy continuity. Coupled with a growing desire to decrease carbon footprints, many businesses have turned to solar panels as a solution. 

An energy storage system allows you to store any energy generated that isn’t immediately utilised rather than feeding that surplus back into the grid. You can then choose when to draw down from it for your energy supply.

Why invest in energy storage?

The grid is reaching maximum capacity which is resulting in grid congestion, power outages and interruptions, and even restrictions for new and expanding businesses. All of this can be both damaging and costly for businesses.

Energy storage allows you to:

  • Gain grid independence

  • Guarantee energy continuity

  • Reduce electricity bills (fix pricing)

  • Secure power for remote locations without a grid connection

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