Industrial Environment UPS Protection

Industrial Environment UPS with High Ingress Protection helps withstand harsh environments – Dust, Moisture and Extreme Heat

Environmental & WIMES Solutions

Our High Ingress Protection Environmental UPS has been designed to withstand the harsh demands of industrial sectors, protecting clients’ assets and providing critical power despite of dust, moisture and extremes in temperature.

We offer a wide selection of service solutions to meet your needs no matter the environment or size of project. Our Environment UPS and WIMES UPS systems are no exception to that, protecting clients’ assets by providing critical power against dust, moisture and extremes in temperature.

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Severe Environment & WIMES Range

The industrial collection of Environment UPS and WIMES UPS are available in both single and three phase offering a wide input voltage range that are compliant with Industrial Environment Protection options up to IP55.

These high frequency systems with double conversion online UPS technology are supported by custom design options to meet the clients needs yet are built with an unique ease of maintenance at the core.

Both systems offer a 10 year life battery and the ability to be remotely monitored using Dale Insight Remote Monitoring technology in the palm of you hand.


Market Sectors

Utilities & Renewables


Rental & Construction

Transport and Travel


What is a WIMES UPS?

WIMES (Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications) UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is a robust critical power system built for harsh atmospheres that could affect electrical equipment. As a critical power provider we can help you decide what is the best solution for your needs.

Do you offer service and maintenance?

Yes, Dale Power Solutions offer a comprehensive service and maintenance solution based on your requirements as a business.

Can you put a UPS in a container?

Yes we can, beyond environment based UPS Dale Power Solutions offer a range of alternatives including containerised UPS systems with a robust solution to match your need.

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