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When it comes to choosing the right uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) for your business, there is a lot to consider. What is the UPS’s electrical load, and will it be able to handle the total power draw of my equipment? How much time do I need to cover a power outage, and what is the uninterruptible power supply’s autonomy? How much space do I have to store my UPS, and do I need a tower type UPS or rack style UPS? Is my uninterruptible power supply system strong and robust enough for the environment in which it will be used, and can it withstand conditions including dust, moisture and extreme temperatures? All important questions to answer, the UPS you choose can greatly impact your UPS power supplies, and the availability of emergency power in times of power outages.

From the DALE E101L (1kVA / 700W capacity), DALE E1015L (1.5kVA / 1.05W capacity) and DALE E102L (2kVA / 1400W capacity) in the Dale E100 Series through to the Dale E73380 (80kVA / 72KW capacity), Dale E733100 (100kVA / 90KW capacity) and Dale E733250 (250kVA / 200-250KW capacity), we have a superb range of uninterruptible power supply systems that will fulfil your business’s power needs. Our very own team of award winning and accredited industry experts will install, manage and maintain your business UPS, offering guidance on the right choice and maintenance. Available 24/7, 365 days of the year, our team will help you with emergencies such as unexpected power loss.

When you choose Dale Power Solutions as your provider, we are dedicated to serving all of your uninterruptible power supply needs, meaning that the right UPS system is delivered to you. If you need a new UPS system and you are based in the UK in areas such as Scarborough, St Albans, Glasgow or Pen y Cymoedd, please speak to us today.


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Why UPS Systems Are Important

With businesses becoming increasingly reliant on their UPS power supplies, and seek to mitigate power failures that could prove disastrous, businesses should be looking into UPS power supply systems and UPS maintenance programmes that keep their business up and running. Protecting equipment and ensuring uninterrupted power supply, the strength of your UPS systems is a testament to how much you value your clients, your customers and your team members.

There are many reasons why UPS systems are important:

  1. Preventing Power Failure & Downtime
    Whether you need to power an office full of computers, a range of heavy machinery or your wind farms and solar farms, a loss of power supply to a business’s critical infrastructure can result in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pounds worth of downtime, should your UPS fail. If the UPS systems go offline or fail to switch over to the UPS power backup generator, they could leave the very equipment they are designed to protect vulnerable. Regular UPS maintenance, and upgrading where necessary, will keep your key business equipment in check.
  2. UPS & Data Loss
    Highly confidential information and sensitive data held at data centres, or in your company’s own record systems could be subject to damaging lags or loss in the event of a power outage. This is extremely important in the healthcare sector too – where loss of extremely personal and private data could make both patients’ care, and medical staffs’ ability to help, quite difficult. If you have someone on the operating table, dependable power supplies are important too. With regular uninterruptible power supply and UPS power supplies maintenance, you can ensure instant and constant power and that an immediate switchover from your mains to your UPS is also achievable.
  3. UPS & Prolonged Lifespan
    To ensure UPS efficiency over its lifespan, the capacitors within your UPS systems need to be maintained at the manufacturer’s suggested and recommended ambient temperature, humidity and cleanliness levels. In general, keeping your UPS in a dry, tidy, clean and well-lit area, along with checking that all alarms and indicators are working properly, will help to optimise your UPS’s lifespan. A well-thought out and structured UPS maintenance programme is key to this, and the team we have here at Dale Power Solutions covers everything. We look at the UPS itself, as well as the battery and generator, if applicable. During our maintenance visits, a full inspection of your UPS’s instruments is carried out, and checked for correct and suitable operation. Meter readings are also conducted, and recorded and checked for accuracy. Along with local and remote monitoring checks, as well as identification of any component degradation – there’s a lot more that our uninterrupted power supply maintenance can do, and provide, for your business. Should you operate in harsh weather conditions, we even even suggest a rugged UPS to increase power efficiency.
  1. Optimised Battery Health
    Where batteries are used with a UPS system, most notably Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA), they operate in what is known as ‘float mode’. In float mode, the acid batteries send charge to ensure they maintain full charge. When the UPS needs the battery backup power supply in either frequent short cycles or infrequent long cycles, this results in the batteries being discharged. If discharges are frequent or deep, this will shorten battery life expectancy.UPS batteries should be inspected periodically for accurate predictions of the end of its working life. Our battery maintenance tests include impedance and load testing to give a full report on the health of the batteries inside the UPS.
  2. UPS, Emergency Power Systems Repairs & Emergency Power Supply
    Regardless of how well you maintain your UPS equipment, unexpected power outages and power failures may still occur, making it necessary to have an emergency power systems and emergency UPS power supplies call out service on hand to help. The Dale Power Solutions team is available 24/7 every day of the year, meaning that we are on-hand to assist with unexpected problems. Regardless of whether it’s 4am in the morning, 10pm at night or there’s even a national holiday going on, we’re there for you whenever you need us, and especially when you need us the most. Therefore, if you own a UPS system and are looking for UPS maintenance or UPS supply in areas including Kent, London, Gwynt y Môr and Carlisle, among other areas in the UK, then contact us today on 0330 999 3000 to find out more.

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How Can We Help?

We provide UPS power supplies services and business resilience solutions to clients from a whole host of industries, including, but not limited to: military UPS ; marine UPS; healthcare UPS; telecommunications UPS; navel UPS, rugged UPS, manufacturing UPS; utilities UPS; renewables UPS; data centre UPS; transport UPS. Our customised UPS solutions are designed and manufactured to meet our clients’ specific demands such as:

Here at Dale Power Solutions, our phenomenal range of UPS systems includes our Dale E100 Series, Dale E200 Series and Dale E600 Series. A truly fantastic range – we can discuss with you their applications, benefits and which UPS is the right choice for you.

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Dale E100 Series

The Dale E100 Series is designed to monitor power supply while also functioning as a power backup in the case of an outage. It’s a perfect choice when it comes to supplying small offices or even the home because it allows enough time to shut down safely when necessary.

The Dale E100 Line Interactive Range provides a clean and regulated AC supply to sensitive equipment. They monitor the incoming voltage, detect power outages and anomalies and reacts by switching to a battery. Also featuring multiple IEC outlets for a fast and easy connectivity, this range of UPS will keep things ticking over nicely.

Key Features Of The Dale E100 Series


  • Single Phase UPS system
  • 1kVA/700W capacity
  • X 4 IEC connections
  • Sine Wave with LCD display
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Smart RS232 and USB comms ports, interface cables and monitoring software included
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Unix and MAC operating systems


  • Single Phase UPS system
  • 1.5kVA/1.05W capacity
  • X 4 IEC connections
  • Sine Wave with LCD display
  • Modem/LAN Internet protection against spikes and surges
  • Fast battery recharge capability (recovers to 90% in 6 hours)


  • Single Phase UPS system
  • 2kVA/1400W capacity
  • X 6 IEC connections
  • Sine Wave with LCD display
  • Built-in self-diagnostic function
  • Overload, discharge and overcharge protection

Click here to learn more about the DALE E101L, DALE E1015L and DALE E102L, as well as others within the range.

Dale E200 Series

An adaptable and versatile range of desktop UPSs that provide no power break, a single phase output and double conversion. The Dale E200 Series are ideal for situations requiring a regulated AC supply to sensitive equipment, and extension battery packs can be added to increase autonomy time.

With applications including servers, networks, telecommunications and CCTV cameras – the Dale E200 Series can ensure your business is running at full capacity.

Key Features Of The Dale E200 Series


  • Extension battery packs available
  • Parallel capability option available
  • Optional relay or SNMP communications card


  • 1:1 or 3:1 Phase | 1‐10 kVA | 0.9 PF
  • Rotatable LCD ‐ suitable for 19” rack or slim tower
  • Extension battery pack available


  • 3:1 Phase | 10‐20 kVA | 0.9 PF
  • Extension battery pack available
  • Parallel capability

Our Dale E200 Series Includes:

Click here to learn more about the DALE E200+, DALE E200R and DALE E230+ UPS Series.

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Dale E600 Series

With 10-800kVA, the Dale E600 series is a three phase modular power UPS, offering a scalable solution with highly configurable modular redundancy with phenomenal reliability. You can set the level of redundancy to match the necessary critical power supply. Hot swappable modules also mean that your UPS can continue to support the load even while undergoing servicing and repairs – ideal for any businesses such as those in IT, the financial sector and defence, as well as data centres and emergency services.

Key Features Of The Dale E600 Series

  • High frequency double conversion online technology
  • True sine with large touch screen LCD display
  • Wide range voltage input
  • Configurable N+X modular redundancy
  • Intelligent battery charge management
  • Fully digitised micro‐processor control

Our E600 Series Includes:

Click here to learn more about the DALE E600 Series.

The Dale E700 Series

With its compact design, this advanced UPS solution is ideal for anywhere trying to make the most of limited space. This series provides greater autonomy in the case a of mains failure up to 40kVA through its maintenance free and internal sealed VRLA batteries. It also allows for the installation of external batteries to increase autonomy even further. Many of our clients who use a E700 UPS come from sectors including IT, finance and emergency services, appreciate how they are fully-digitised and have a selectable ECO mode for high operational efficiency.

Key Features Of The Dale E700 Series:

  • High frequency double conversion online technology
  • True sine wave with large screen interface LCD display
  • Wide range voltage input
  • Fully digitised DSP control
  • Advanced battery management
  • Modular topology

Our E700 Series Includes:

Click here to learn more about the DALE E700 Series.

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Why Businesses Trust in Dale

  • Our industry accreditations define our business, ensuring our operations are smooth, succinct and ultimately, compliant. Along with being ISO 45001-, ISO 14001-, ISO 50001– and ISO 9001-accredited, we are also a CHAS accredited contractor, Constructionline accredited, an approved safe contractor, assured and CDM altius vendor and Nationalgrid Certified.
  • Because of our useful locations in Scarborough, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans, as well as our distributed nationwide network of 100+ engineers, we can operate within a ”4 hour call out time” – meaning we can be onsite and resolving issues fairly quickly. Even if you’re located in the south west of England, the north of Scotland or west of Wales, we’ll have things up and running again so that you can get back to running your site with ease.
  • Our Dale Field Data Capture (FDC) app ensures accurate reporting and collaboration between yourself and us. Using the app, we can report on all of your maintenance issues and requirements, taking photos as evidence, and determine the best products to get you up and running again.
  • We also have an online portal which provides a smart maintenance solution with remote access to asset data, service reports and remedial works. We’re open, honest and transparent in the ways of our work, because we understand the importance of this in our industry.
  • We are dedicated to protecting the environment, recycling 96% of our waste, and recovering 4% through a waste to energy process. We’re continuously looking for new ways to develop in this field, and we’re even developing a collection of environmentally-friendly products ourselves.

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We provide the benchmark in UPS power supply solutions and UPS systems for a variety of diverse global markets, including: power generation UPS, electrical distribution UPS, rugged UPS, utilities UPS and telecommunications UPS, as well as manufacturing UPS, healthcare UPS, marine UPS and defence UPS. Therefore, if you need a UPS system or regular maintenance on your UPS and your site or business is located in areas such as Scarborough, St Albans, Glasgow or Pen y Cymoedd, then please get in touch with us today.


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We’ve been around since 1935 so you can be assured that we know the what, when, how and who to help you choose the right product and service to ensure your critical power demands are met swiftly. No matter if you’re a sole trader or blue chip we have the solution to suit and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for then just get in contact and we can help.

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