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How to reduce the running costs of your UPS

How to reduce the running costs of your UPS


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By maximising your uninterruptable power supply's (UPS) energy efficiency and using less energy, you can save money by reducing your operating costs, as well as reducing your CO2 footprint to support Net Zero targets.

How to maximise your UPS' energy efficiency

Operate your UPS at a high load factor

Improved technology means new, energy-efficient UPS’ are between 92%-96% efficient. However, a UPS does not always operate as efficiently as its advertised rating. Its efficiency follows a curve based on “load factor” i.e. how much of its power capacity is being used. By operating at a high load factor you can maximise the energy efficiency of your UPS.

Use energy efficient UPS

Energy-efficient UPS’ can reduce energy waste by up to 52% compared to conventional UPS battery back-ups by minimising losses in power conversion and distribution.

Implement eco-mode

Eco mode allows the UPS to operate at a higher load factor. In doing so the efficiency of the UPS can improve from 94%-97% to 98%-99% which can lead to a 4% reduction in energy consumption. Eco-mode may not be suitable for all applications so it’s worth checking with your supplier/maintenance partner first.

Good maintenance

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the air filters, checking the battery, and verifying the firmware, can help ensure that your UPS operates at peak efficiency.

Consider virtualisation

Virtualisation can help reduce the number of physical servers you need and subsequently the number of UPS required to support them. Fewer UPS’ means reduced energy consumption and lower running costs.

Upgrading your UPS

If you’ve got an older, inefficient asset that has higher operating costs and the options outlined don’t help, then it may be time to consider an upgrade. The return on investment on the cost to install a new UPS can be in as little as 12-18 months. Another option to consider is leasing your UPS as it avoids the requirement for capital investment.

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