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Commercial UPS and IP54 enclosure meet WIMES specifications

Commercial UPS and IP54 enclosure meet WIMES specifications

Case Study

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Our client provided high performance technology to a southern water company. The water company required a backup power system that could be located within a water environment and could be easily maintained on site. They also wanted to reuse the cabling that was already in place to minimise costs.

Dale’s Solution

A commercial UPS solution within an IP54 enclosure, adhering to the demands of the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES), was designed by Dale's electrical and mechanical engineering team. The cabinets were custom designed to reuse the cabling already on site.

Our Results


• 3kVA E200+ rack mounted UPS

• IP54 enclosure

• 2 x batteries provided 25 minutes autonomy

• The design allowed for up to 4 battery packs for increased autonomy

• The enclosure was designed for front access and back-to-wall installation. The UPS was also be accessible from a rear panel so the batteries could be easily replaced

• IP54 fan and air vents assisted with correct heat dissipation

Note: IP54 enclosures are available in RAL or BS colours upon request

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