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3 Reasons Why Silent Generators Are Useful

3 Reasons Why Silent Generators Are Useful


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Noise pollution can be a problem for some organisations and also for events reliant on generator power. In some cases excessive noise can be illegal. Here are some situations where a silent generator is the ideal choice for power.


Outdoor events such as festivals, weddings or concerts all require some sort of power source to ensure electrical items such as cooking equipment, amplifiers and outdoor screens can operate and function properly. A noisy power generator whirring away in the background is not ideal and can completely ruin the event if all the guests are thinking about is the sound of a generator. Silent generators eliminate this problem while still giving you the power supply needed to successfully host an event. Even with indoor venues, a quiet generator is preferable in the event of a power cut. A loud generator, while satisfying your power needs, can cause irreparable reputational damage if the occasion is ruined as a result.

Silent generators maintain a quiet ambience

In places such as hospitals or outdoor camping sites, the need to maintain a quiet ambience, be it for recovery or pleasure, is important for health and customer experience. Silent power generators can provide all the power necessary without ruining an ambience.

The threat of a power outage is too great not to invest in a generator and a silent generator is a perfect option if atmosphere and ambience are just as important to your business as the power itself. Our Himoinsa silent range generators come with 100mm thick rock wool which soundproofs the canopy and offers high soundproofing levels.

Noise pollution is illegal in some areas

You might need a silent running diesel generator to operate within the law. Construction firms working in built-up areas such as cul-de-sacs or apartment blocks may use a silent generator to avoid angering residents or breaching decibel levels of that particular local area. The sound of power tools and general construction noise is loud enough and in some places, there are laws and regulations in place that prevent decibel levels from going over a certain point. A silent generator helps construction firms and labourers get on with the job, enjoy continuous power and avoid a backlash from residents or the law.


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