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Fantastic Features and Benefits Of Hybrid Generators

Fantastic Features and Benefits Of Hybrid Generators


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Considering a new generator and want to know more about Hybrid Generators? With increasing energy costs and a drive to move to renewable energy sources, a hybrid set is definitely worth serious consideration.

What are Hybrid Generators?

A hybrid generator is a new type of generator that is created with both new technologies and traditional generator features; it creates powered energy systems that are fuel-efficient, quiet and more environmentally friendly.

Generally, a hybrid power generator consists of a controllable source of power such as a fuel cell, or it can feature other energy sources which generate electricity in other ways such as a hydro-electric generator, wind turbine generator or solar panels.

The battery banks in hybrid gensets are charged by using renewable power sources along with the fuel generators themselves while the generator is on, and all this provides electrical energy to your business.

Renewable energy sources power machinery by using the energy that is stored in the batteries, eliminating the need for sole reliance on regular generators that are powered with diesel, LPG or biogas.

The benefits of Hybrid Generators

Less Noise Pollution From Hybrid Gensets. When compared to traditional generators, hybrid systems are considerably quieter. This is because they don’t feature some of the traditional parts that help liquid fuel run through the generator. These parts can create a great deal of noise when compared with hybrid generators which are far quieter because the battery capacity is the main component which is charged by either a traditional fuel generator or other greener sources of energy.

While diesel generator technologies have come a long way, most of them still make around 75dB when standing 1 metre away from them. Therefore, hybrid generators are perfect for a business that operates in the events industry or is working in a public or residential area where the sound levels have to be kept at a minimum during working hours. If generators are still needed to power security systems, after working hours, they will run near silently and not disturb residents.

Uninterrupted power supply. When power and electric energy is critical to your business or organisation such as a hospital where a drop in power, even for just a small amount of time, could cost lives, you need electrical output performance that isn’t going to dip. Diesel generators, even the best ones, take a few seconds to kick in but if you combine this with a hybrid genset the battery system will provide a continuous power supply.

Ideal for remote areas. Hybrid systems, because they are powered by batteries and charged by renewable energy, can be used anywhere. These are truly portable devices and give you greater control about where you can use this generator. If you’re building infrastructure in the middle of a field or you’re running an event that is far away from any power supply then this hybrid output is perfect for you.

Light and compact. The lack of traditional parts in these generators means they are much lighter and more compact, so in areas where size and weight constraints are a factor, for instance, if you’re working at a high level on a construction site or your generator is being placed on wood, hybrid generators make a great choice.

Low Fuel Bills, Same Great Electrical Energy. Hybrid systems reduce your reliance on non-renewable sources of energy such as diesel or gas which means your overall fuel bill should decrease over time. These more traditional fuel types only need to be used for a certain period to ensure that the hybrid genset battery remains charged so it can be used as backup power or as a greater support to the uninterruptible power supply.

Hybrid Systems Use Renewable Energy Sources

As we’ve explained, hybrid gensets use renewable energy sources which come with plenty of benefits. For starters, it’s much better for the environment. Renewable energy sources are just that, renewable, meaning they will never run out and are much less harmful to the environment because the fuel used to run them doesn’t need to be extracted from the earth to be used. Another great benefit is an economic one, in the long run, electrical energy supplied by these types of generators is far cheaper, because you’re not having to spend money on buying the fuel that will need replacing in a given period. Using hybrid generators also makes you look like a company that genuinely cares about the environment and is taking steps to limit their carbon footprint.


If you are looking for a generator which uses renewable energy sources then a hybrid system should be considered. Are team are ready to help and advise you, so please get in touch for more information and help to chose the right system for your energy needs.

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