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WIMES specified UPS systems in IP54 enclosures for water and wastewater site

Our client, electrical contractors, required backup power at their customer’s water and wastewater site based in the North West of England. It was necessary to keep essential equipment, including their SCADA control system, pumping system and actuators, supplied with enough power to close equipment down safely during a power outage. The backup power solution had to be accessible and easy to maintain.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions provided UPS solutions which conformed to the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification (WIMES) standard

1 x 10kVA single phase E200 unit in an IP54 enclosure with 2 x battery packs providing 23 minutes autonomy

2 x 20kVA, 3 phase E700 units in IP54 enclosures. Batteries provided 20 minutes autonomy on 6 separate pull out shelves which were easy to access and maintain. The enclosure was designed to take up to 160kVA UPS

All units were powder coated to a specified British Standard colour code

Our Results

The enclosures were designed to hold heavy UPS systems

The UPS modules were on wheels which allowed them to be easily accessed for future maintenance

Each enclosure had a viewing window built in the door so the UPS panel could be read without opening the enclosure door

Each IP54 cabinet had a fan and ventilation to dissipate heat