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Weathering the Storm – PADS Approved Rail UPS

Dale Power Solutions supplies a national rail network provider with PADS approved battery charger (RCV) systems. When the client upgraded their infrastructure, the load requirements of the modules had increased, and the existing battery chargers therefore had to be replaced with larger systems.

Some chargers were accommodated inside but others were too large to home in existing buildings and an alternative solution had to be found.

Dale Power’s Solution

With the larger Thyristor battery chargers having to be placed externally several considerations had to be made meaning Dale Power Solutions needed to plan and source weather proof Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) enclosures to house the systems outside the building.

All considerations had to made from extreme heat to the blistering cold and downpour where several design, installation and maintenance were thought out so the weather proof enclosures were equipped with heaters with thermostats and lights to keep a constant environment within and maintain optimal performance from the battery chargers.

Our Results