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Trailerised Generators Provide Flexible Emergency Back-up Power for Water Company

When there was a problem with the mains power supply this water company would hire a generator set to provide essential power for the treatment works or pumping stations. Hire sets were however taking too long to arrive on site and often the draw for the initial load exceeded the capacity of a typical 12-50kVA hire set.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions designed and built 4 trailerised units. Each unit had a 20ft containerised generator and a second container with cables, connectors and motorised reels. Each generator was able to supply 1500kVA providing greater flexibility and ensuring every site could be catered for by any of the four units.

Our Results

  • Connectors enabled easy fitting to an external fuel supply
  • The trailerised units could be quickly mobilized, greatly reducing down time at the site
  • Motorised reels and quick lock connectors enabled quick connection of the generator on site
  • The control panel was designed at a low level on the unit so that when it was situated on the trailer it was accessible for the user.