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Smooth transition for NHS Property Services – From multiple suppliers to Dale Power Solutions

NHS Property Services is responsible for 3,500 buildings including Health Centres and GP Surgeries, Hospitals and offices.

Supplier management was extremely complex with a wide range of suppliers with different SLA’s, processes, financial models and approaches to servicing and maintenance.

The client also had an ageing generator estate, with many units over 20 years old, increasing the risk of equipment failure.

Dale Power’s Solution

  • Dale Power Solutions managed the transition from many different suppliers to one supplier – Dale Power Solutions
  • The transition included Generators and UPS systems across the UK
  • A clearly defined methodology as part of the NHS Property Services’ ISO 9001 certified process was adhered to throughout
  • A series of transitional meetings defined the exact scope and process, including access requirements and restrictions, necessary clearances and a transition programme from multiple incumbent providers
  • A service schedule was defined in line with previously performed services
  • All data was validated prior to entry into the Dale Power Solutions ERP system

Our Results

Dale Power Solutions managed the seamless transition for NHS Property Services from many suppliers to Dale Power Solutions.  The management of critical power equipment is now more efficient, servicing is streamlined, and management information is readily available for all sites.