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Rugged high-grade enclosure for UPS system in water environment

Our client requested back-up power for a canal pumping station. The request was to provide a UPS system which could be easily moved around, would take up as little space as possible and most importantly would be protected from the high moisture levels and risk of water damage at the station.


• The Dale Power Solutions team specified two Dale E203R+ UPS systems to be housed within a custom built IP21 (Ingress Protection) suitable for the damp environment.

• The cabinet was designed on wheels to enable the unit to be moved around the station.

• A heating and fan system was incorporated into the cabinet to increase the longevity of the UPS systems.


By designing a containerised solution to withstand the harsh environment, the client could benefit from purchasing a standard UPS system, lowering the cost of the overall solution.

• Two rack mounted Dale E203R+ UPS systems

• Battery packs provide 120 minutes autonomy

• IP21 enclosure protects the UPS systems and battery packs

• Anti-condensation heating removes excess moisture

• Filters remove dust from the unit

• Internal fans remove heat from the unit

• Cabinet on wheels for easy relocation at the site

• Bypass switch installed externally on the wall so that the UPS systems can be isolated without having to go into the enclosure