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New generator quickly installed at Fire Station

Our client, a full-time crewed fire station had been receiving critical backup power from a generator housed in an outbuilding which was now past its serviceable life. A new solution was required quickly, and installation had to take place with minimal downtime at the station.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions’ team removed the old equipment and supplied a new 50 kVA generator in a weatherproof enclosure. The outbuilding was no longer needed and was demolished.

Connecting the system was quick and generator was ready within a day of arriving on site however the Dale Power Solutions commissioning engineer identified a problem with the customers’ own auto transfer switch. He arranged for a replacement contactor to be delivered next day and the generator was up and running in time for the bank holiday weekend.

Our Results 

Full generator removal and installation service

Skilled engineers install equipment and ensure the whole system is fit for purpose

Minimal downtime for installation

Customer request for fuel delivered same day

“With the exception of the failed contactor (which was outside of all your control) everything went very smoothly and perfectly to plan.” Property Services Manager