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High Voltage Load Bank Testing in Central London for FM Client

Rarely does a generator get the chance to be run on full load and so any system weaknesses are not identified until there is an unplanned power outage. Our FM client therefore requested a high voltage load bank test for their generator, in a central London office building, to check it was working exactly how it was expected to work.

Dale Power’s Solution

Getting high voltage testing equipment into a densely populated public area raised several public safety challenges for the team. Dale Power Solutions engineers and coordinators, along with the FM maintenance team and health and safety officers, developed a thorough plan to execute the HV testing whilst ensuring the public and office workers safety at all times.

With highways approval, an articulated lorry brought the transformer, cables and load bank to site. The public was protected from HV cables in the street by temporary fencing. Inside the offices Dale engineers along with members of our client’s maintenance team supervised affected areas ensuring office staff were kept safe whilst the testing took place.

Our Results

  • Testing took place over a weekend to keep disruption in the offices and on the street to a minimum
  • The test was completed in a day
  • Our client received a full test report and remedial actions were taken
  • Our client is assured that HV generator will work on full load if required
  • Public safety was maintained throughout the testing
  • Complex execution of HV load bank testing completed within densely populated central London