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Great sequencing delivers successful project at Newcastle Hospital

A Newcastle hospital found that the 3 x 4.5 MW generators it relied on to provide backup power were becoming unserviceable owing to outdated and obsolete component parts. The generator engines were in good working order so there was no need to replace them, but the control systems had to be replaced to ensure power reliability.

Dale Power’s Solution

The generators supported the main energy centre for the hospital and therefore the project had to be carefully planned and flawlessly executed to ensure the site had access to full backup power at all times

Experienced Project Managers at Dale Power Solutions sequenced the project in great detail

A temporary modification was made to allow 2 generator units to feed the load, whilst the third was being worked on. This process was then repeated until all systems had been updated

Our Results

A flawless sequence ensured the project was successful

The site was successfully powered down, the update delivered to all 3 generators and then the hospital generator system brought back into full operation.

There was no loss of power throughout the project delivery

The 8-year-old outdated controllers were replaced with up-to-date serviceable technology

The generators are fully serviceable