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Custom built control panels extend the life of generators for London traders

Our London client, in the financial services and asset management sector, had two standby generators with switchgear that was no longer supported and components that were no longer available. Any power failure could be costly to their financial trading floors. The electrical engineering company contracted to support the building called on Dale Power Solutions for assistance.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions recommended replacing the control systems. An intensive survey was carried out to ensure that all replacement parts would be an exact fit to accommodate existing cabling

Dale carried out a health and safety risk assessment to comply with the building’s strict regulations

Sophisticated control panels were designed and engineered to match the functionality of the original generators

New control panels were designed and fitted with circuit breaker connectors

LCD panels replaced the push button originals

Our Results

“The engineers completed the work with very little time available. We now have a guaranteed life for the equipment and knowledge of its history which we did not have before.”