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Bespoke modular UPS solution for Telecomms Provider in Gibraltar

Our client is a leading telecommunications provider based in Gibraltar supplying data storage, predominantly for the e-gaming sector. The thriving and lucrative sector relies on high speed data transfer and a continuous reliable source of power to service customers around the world. The challenge was to find a backup power solution that would provide sufficient power density to from a unit with minimal footprint.

Dale Power’s Solution

A 48V DC modular switch-mode UPS system (48V DC, 44kW per rectifier) was configured to allow the batteries to be located elsewhere in the building

The modular system provided high power density to footprint ratio. 2400mm wide x 800mm deep x 1999mm high

The client purchased loadbank equipment. A Dale Power Solution engineer carried out regular tests to ensure the equipment was working optimally under full load conditions

Our Results

Dale Power Solutions had been providing maintenance and support to this client for 10+ years via a local engineer

2 batteries provided 2 hours autonomy per battery and gave the client greater resilience

The modular UPS system provided excellent power density to footprint ratio

The solution was future proofed. 6 x 4kW modules supplied per rectifier had the option to expand to 11 x 4kW modules

The client had an annual maintenance contract